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POP! E-liquid - 100ml - 0/3mg - 12 Flavours

POP! E-liquid - 100ml - 0/3mg - 12 Flavours

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    Refreshing sensation of the famous POP! E-liquid


    POP! E-liquid comes in 100ml bottles with 0% and 3% nicotine; irresistible e-juice with fruity flavours and a twist of menthol. Crafted with 70% VG / 30% PG, POP! E-Liquid can give you mouthful of delicate vapours that induced with incredibly vibrant tastes. 

    Pop! E-liquids are available in Fruity and Iced flavours. POP! Fruity line is famous for their sweet and mouthwatering juices, while their POP! E-liquid has a combo of all the good things from POP! Fruity, and explosive refreshing sensation of menthol added. Bringing you balance of luscious fruit juices and fresh hint of ice. 

    • Nicotine strength: 0% and 3%
    • Size: 100ml
    • 70% VG / 30% PG



    Vegetable Glycerin

    Propylene Glycol





    Grape by POP!

    A delicious candy grape that is finished off with a cool menthol hit. Will leave you wanting more every single time!

    Juicy Mango Strawberry by POP!

    This e-liquid is bursting with intoxicating mango and hints of strawberry. Icy cool menthol finishes off this delicious e-liquid! Absolutely mouth watering!

    Blueberry Lemonade by POP!

    Delectable e-liquid that's sure to get your senses tingling. Bursting with blueberries to give your taste buds a hit of flavour, followed with a cool lemonade and finished off with a refreshing hit of menthol. Tastes as good as it sounds!

    Peach by POP!

    A delicious fruity candy flavour. Sugar sprinkled peaches with a hint of ice will leave you feeling refreshed and keep your sweet tooth satisfied all day long!

    Blueberry Lemonade by POP!

    Delicious tart blueberries infused in a refreshing lemonade blend is a flavour combination that is simply exquisite. Bring the taste of summer back into your taste buds.

    Grape by POP!

    Delicious candy grape flavour that is smooth on the exhale but leaves your taste buds tingling for more. A perfect premium e-liquid all year round.

    Juicy Mango Strawberry by POP!

    The perfect vape to take you into a Summer dream that you will never want to leave. With bold flavours of Mango and a splash of Strawberry, each vape is full of juicy yum.

    Peach Gummies by POP!

    Exactly how it sounds! Delicious ripe peaches with a gummy candy base which reminds us of the ever loved peach gummy O's!

    Strawberry Kiwi by POP!

    Lives up to the hype! With delicious, ripe strawberry that makes your taste buds wake up and then a smooth sweet kiwifruit flavour on the exhale... A smooth and refreshing vape e liquid that has...

    Strawberry Watermelon POP

    New Popular flavour 

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    Stacey Lee
    Blueberry Lemonade

    My absolute favorite!!

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