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Sadboy E-Liquid 100ml - 0/3mg

Sadboy E-Liquid 100ml - 0/3mg

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Sadboy e-iquid: The delicate, top-shelf dessert vape juice is here!

An assortment of premium dessert flavoured Sadboy E-Liquid 100ml is now available in Vapecloud. Ranging from fruity to cookie mouthwatering juice, Sadboy e-liquid is available in both 0% and 3% nicsalt level to satisfy your needs. 

Unlike most 80/20 VG/PG vape juice in the market, Sadboy E-liquid is outstanding in preserving their rich and bold taste of the dessert flavours variants, leaving your tastebuds experience the sweetness and creamy flavour in every inhale. The delactable and yummy tasting flavour of your favourite desserts in a bottle of Sadboy E-liquid is just something hard to resist from the first drop to the very last one. 

  • 80 VG /20 PG

  • Available in 0% and 3% nicotine level

  • 100ml


  • Vegetable Glycerin

  • Propylene Glycol

  • Flavorings

  • Nicotine

  • Flavours

Indulge yourself in our carefully selected and top-reviewed Sadboy E-Liquid 100ml bottle. 

 Flavors :

Blueberry Jam Cookie

Sadboy E-Liquid Blueberry Jam Cookie is a delicious buttery sweet dessert flavor with globs of blueberry jam. The inhale is a bounty of fruity blueberries mixed into a sweet delicious jelly that holds your palate hostage with its sweet goodness.

The exhale is fresh-baked butter cookies with more notes of sweet blueberry jelly that takes you to the finish. Blueberry Jam Cookie by Sad Boy E-Liquid will break your sadness with 100ml of delicious eJuice!

Butter Cookie

Sadboy E-Liquid Butter Cookie is a sweet delicious blend of sugary sweet butter cookies fresh from the oven. So The inhale is a golden brown sweet butter taste explosion that fills your palate with fantastic flavor. Also The exhale is more golden sweetness with slight notes of lemon. Butter Cookie by Sad Boy E-Liquid breaks your sad face with 100ml of delicious ejuice!

Key Lime Cookie

Sadboy E-Liquid Key Lime Cookie is a sinfully sweet aromatic vape juice that will pry you from your sadness and make you happy as well as others around you. So The inhale is a delectable citrusy key lime with notes of golden cookie crumbles that dance on your tongue. Also The exhale turns up the tangy sweetness of the lime while you finish your vape with a tremendous cloud.

Also Try Key Lime Cookie now and break your sadness with 100ml of delicious ejuice!

Pumpkin Cookie

Sadboy E-Liquid Pumpkin Cookie has such an aromatically flavorful aroma that anyone would be sad if they weren't vaping it. This eJuice cookie is filled with creamy smooth pumpkin, with just the right amount of spices added to keep the pumpkin flavor mellow.

On the inhale, dough of a cookie gently awakens your taste buds to the first e-liquid puff of the Fall. Exhale and the holidays spring forward in enjoyment as pumpkin and light flavor seasonings turn this cookie into an eJuice vape treat.

Strawberry Jam Cookie

Sadboy E-Liquid Strawberry Jam Cookie presents a delightful combination of a strawberry jelly sandwiched between two butter cookies. So The inhale features ripe, juicy fresh strawberries blended into a sweet, tart, delicious jelly that cascades over your taste buds.

Also The exhale brings the flavor of fresh-baked butter cookies and notes of sweet strawberry, taking you to the finish. Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sad Boy E-Liquid washes away any sadness with 100ml of delicious ejuice!

Unicorn Tears

The flavor profile of Sadboy's Unicorn Tears e-juice is a riddle that will never be solved...or will it? Do your own detective work, and inhale for a delicious combination of fruity and savory flavors that you just can't put your finger on, before exhaling a tasty blend of even more secret flavors. So This e-juice aims to keep you guessing, and it truly succeeds!

Also Try your hand at solving the puzzle, and unlock the treasures buried deep in every bottle of Sadboy's Unicorn Tears e-juice.



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