3 Best E-liquids for New Vapers

First time vaping as you transition to stop smoking should never bring you confusion. Here we will share with you three best e-liquid for beginners. If you have considered choosing e-liquids that means you already know which vape devices you are going to use, right?  Should you want to find out more, feel free to check our blog post on best vape pods.

For a newbie vaper who is just switching from smoking, we will recommend to have nic salts (nicotine salt) e-liquid. They usually have 50:50 (PG:VG) ratio that allow strong nicotine kick similar to cigarettes. This type of e-liquid is generally giving stronger and more satisfying nicotine and throat hits. 

Having to say that, all three of our recommendations for 3 best e-liquid for beginners are all nicotine salts based e-liquids. Without further ado, let’s uncover the three best e-liquids!

Summary of Top 3 Vape Juices for New Vapers

  • Airscream Airspops E-liquid
    • Available in regular 30mL and 10mL bottles. Smaller bottle allows you for flavour exploration 
    • Huge selection of flavours
    • Wide tobacco flavour options, should you want to stick with the familiar flavour of tobacco
  • Fruit Monster E-liquid 
    • Available in 24mg and 48mg nicotine strength
    • A good option for those who enjoy blends of fruity flavours 
    • Have variant of stronger ice kick for those enjoying menthol flavour
  • 7Daze REDS Apple E-liquid
    • Perfect for those who enjoy crisp, sweet and yet juicy flavour of fruit in every puff
    • Simplicity in variant and great in flavour
    • Also have options of more refreshing icy vape juice


    As of 2024, e-liquids will be limited to only 28.5mg nicotine strength and will only have generic names of the e-liquid variants. Those who are planning to quit smoking are suggested to opt for safer options. 


    Airscream AirsPops 313 E-Liquid

    a box of airscream airspops e-liquid

    Airscream is one of the well known e-liquid from The UK. This champion is amazing when it comes to flavour selections. They have an extensive range of flavours with a good nicotine level for new vapers that just transition from smoking. What’s amazing about this e-liquid is their variant of tobacco blend flavours. Very rich flavour of tobacco is making Airscream tobacco e-liquids unique and delicate.

    We especially enjoy Airscream Zesty Lemon flavour. It leaves our mouth water and the smell of fresh, juicy lemon lingers perfectly in every puff. If you enjoy menthol or icy cigarettes before, we dare you to enjoy the Airscream South Pole. It is unbelievably refreshing and gives the right icy kick on the first puff. 

    Another good thing from Airscream AirsPops is that they are available in 10mL and 30mL bottles. Ideal for those who like to swap their e-liquid every other day or just for the sake of exploring flavour. Not to mention that switching flavours of e-liquids can be one of the factors that helps people stop smoking. Flavour exploration turns out to be one of the motivations that can help people completely swerve to vaping. And hey! It’s never a dull moment with the AirsPops e-liquid.

    Fruit Monster E-Liquid

    bottles of fruit monster e-liquid

    Another awesome e-liquid is from the line of Fruit Monster E-liquid. If you just want to have succulent fruity flavour, Fruit Monster is the one. It is the winner of mixed fruit flavoured e-liquid. From the mouth watering berries to the taste of exotic mango, peach and guava. 

    This e-liquid is one of our favourites because of the right blend of sweet and tangy flavours in every draw. Fruit Monster E-liquid’s nicsalt is not overpowering when it comes to the nicotine hit, it is just enough to satisfy your nicotine craving. Especially for fruit blends e-liquid flavour, the flavour of each variant really comes out nice and sweet.

    If Airscream AirsPops have their range of tobacco blends, the Fruit Monster E-liquid has their signature Mixed Berries. It is also one of our customers’ favourite e-liquids as it is one of the best selling e-liquid in VapeCloud. When there are many options of e-liquid in the market, Fruit Monster still wins the heart of some vapers for its unique fruit mixed flavours. Some of the Fruit Monster variants offer crisp and sweet tasting juice, while the others are juicy and tangy.

    Another good thing is that Fruit Monster E-liquid have some option of nicotine strength. They have the more refreshing e-liquid too with the variations of Frozen Fruit Monster. Want to give it a puff this time with Fruit Monster?

    7DAZE Reds Apple E-Liquid


    a bottle of reds apple e-liquid

    Our other recommendation for best selling e-liquid for beginners, 7DAZE Reds Apple. This brand has just updated their e-liquid blends with better quality and of course, better flavour. The name may be mistakenly taken as only apple flavour e-liquid, but no! 7DAZE Reds Apple have a range of flavours and iced variants too. 

    Reds Apple e-liquid is crafted with best quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Even though their heart note is Apple, this e-liquid offers hints of other fruit flavours in every puff. The original Reds Apple is not too sweet but still delicate and enjoyable for those vapers who like fruit flavour vape juice. What we love about this vape juice is that in the first puff, it smells like a crisp apple being cut, the sweet smell is just lingering in your nose. 

    The distinct thing of this e-liquid from 7DAZE is of course the apple taste, but despite that they can still bring up the other characteristics of the other fruits in the mix. One of their e-liquid that we think is the best is their Reds Apple Mango. It is a perfect balance of sweet, crispiness of apple with the creamy and juicy taste of mango. It is definitely one of our favourites from their 7 other flavours. 

    We think that this e-liquid is another good e-liquid for new vapers as it highlights the succulent flavour of apple with a sufficient nicotine hit. So, will you try this beast?


    There are various e-liquid in the market, the most famous one may not be your cup of tea. Exploring many different kinds of e-liquid is important for experiencing better vaping. Finding your own best version of e-liquid is important, but hopefully these 3 e-liquids can be a good reference for you. Should you want to explore more other e-liquids, feel free to check our collections of e-liquids.

    Questions about E-liquid

    Which nicotine level should I choose?

    To make a successful transition from smoking to vaping, you can start by nicotine level similar to your previous smoking habit. 

    If you were a heavy smoker, you could go for nicotine strength of 24mg. This is because you still have nicotine craving to satiate.

    When you have gradually decreasing your smoking or a normal smoker, you can go with nicotine strength of 12mg or 18mg. However, if you are considered as a light smoker or just smoking socially, you may want to go with 3mg to 6mg nicotine level. 

    We may not suggest to increase the level of your nicotine. As you gradually transition from smoking to vaping, hopefully you can gradually decrease your nicotine.

    Which PG:VG ratio should I choose for the e-liquid?

    As a note for you,  the PG in e-liquid serves to carry flavour and the VG is what produces clouds. If you are going after the flavour, choose higher PG ration in your e-liquid, like those of nicotine salt e-liquid with 60 PG : 40 VG. In general nicotine salts e-liquids have 50 PG : 50 VG ratio. If you are after the bigger and thicker cloud, going for the freebase e-liquid with 30 PG : 70 VG is a good option. Bare in mind that usually the freebase e-liquid has less nicotine strength.

    What vape is best for beginners?

    This can come down to how strong you want your nicotine level to be. The regular vape pods in the market usually suitable for PG:VG ratio of 50:50 and higher nicotine level. While vape mod devices usually are for the freebase e-liquid as it needs higher power to deliver the cloudy puffs and deliver the flavour.


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