Below are lists of questions often asked by our customers. If you still haven't found what you're looking for, feel free to nudge us at contact@vapecloud.co.nz.

Last Update: 13th May 2023

General Questions

Do you ship orders internationally?

We do accept international orders. At this moment we only accept Bank Transfer as payment method for international orders. You will have to select "Bank Transfer" as payment method at the checkout. You will then receive order confirmation along with the transfer instruction and a link to verify your ID and prescription (for Australian customers).

Do you ship vape products to my country?

We ship vape products to most countries except the following:

Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Suriname, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

What are the courier providers you have for international orders?

At this moment we only provide DHL for international orders. 

What sort of e-juices do you sell & What nicotine strength do you have?

We sell a wide variety of well-known premium e-juices, some of which are best sellers in the market. Some of the best-selling ones are Nasty Juice, Six Licks, 7Daze Reds Apple, Airscream, and many more.

They also come in assortments of flavours, from the fruity and icy, sweet desserts to the OG tobacco. Each comes in different bottle sizes, from 10ml to 100ml, with nicotine strengths 0mg to 50mg. Please leave us a message if you want to know more about vape juice flavors and nicotine strength. You can also browse our e-liquid collections and click the flavour descriptions.

What product can you recommend for first-time vapers or people who want to quit smoking?

When choosing your vape pod device of e-liquid, you may want to pay attention to the nicotine strength first. If you are curious and want to see whether you like vaping, you may want to try the 0mg to the 5mg (freebase juices). The same goes for social vapers whom only vape when out with friends. The reason is that you can still vape most of the time, yet you won't feel overwhelmed or feel harshness in the back of your throat. Some of our e-liquid recommendations will be Nasty Juice originals in 60ml bottles, or if you want to try the award-winning e-juice, you can go with Six Licks that comes in 100ml bottle. If you want to hang out with friends but don't want the hassle of buying expensive devices or lots of e-juices, we got you covered with our disposable vape selections! Check Elfbar 800 puffs; this will last you the whole weekend, even more ;)

If you are ex-smokers, you may want to try the nicotine strength within the range of 10mg to 50mg depending on how heavy you were smoking (nic salt juices). Airscream has several selections of tobacco flavours, e-juices and fruity flavours too. They are quick to absorb to give you the nicotine hit you need and fantastic flavours that'll satisfy your tastebuds.

For the pod device, both for starters and ex-smokers you may want to try UWell Caliburn A2.

What is the difference between freebase liquid & nic salt?

In short, nic salt, also known as salt nic, has higher nicotine levels, making it great for ex-smokers who are just transitioning to vaping. Nic salt range is between 10mg to 50mg nicotine strength, and it absorbs quicker than freebase. Freebases usually contain less nicotine compared to nic salt, around 0mg to 5mg nicotine strength. Freebases are great for those who are curious about vaping or only vaping with friends.

Nic salt is best for smaller pod devices, while Freebases are used in bigger vaping mods. 

What are the best-selling juices you have or sell?

At this moment, our best-selling e-juices are Coastal Clouds, The Shopee Custard and Fruit Jam Monster. 

What brand (devices) is affordable but last longer?

You may want to try RELX Infinity with a 380mAh battery and an Alt pod device with a 320mAh battery that can last you approximately a day (depending on your vaping habit). Both can be charged with Type C cables and will be fully charged in 45 to 60 minutes. 

Does vaping taste the same as smoking cigarettes?
The flavours differ widely, as e-liquids have a wide range of flavours. Let's say you have a strawberry watermelon e-liquid flavour, it will taste like strawberry watermelon. However, you may be able to taste the nicotine if the strength is relatively high or higher than you usually use. There are also tobacco-flavoured e-liquids available, which resemble the taste of cigarette smoke.

Do e-cigarettes and e-liquids produce a smell?
Yes, the vapour can leave a small amount of smell depending on the e-liquid and type of device. Some smells can be pleasant to you but not others, so please consider this if you use an e-cigarette in confined spaces or public places.

How often can I vape? Can I use vaping products as often as I would if I was smoking?
Some people will use their e-cigarettes regularly, taking a couple of puffs every hour, while others may use them the same way if they are using cigarettes. If you formerly smoke a cigarette, you can use your vape in the same smoking pattern.

How do I choose the vaping product that's right for me?
The best way is to speak to one of our team members directly. They are trained to help you make a well-informed decision, and you can reach us via email, phone, or live chat. You can also visit us at the store.

How long does my battery last before I need to recharge it?
Depending on the size of your battery and how often you use the device. The battery can last from 2-3 hours to a full day. The higher the mAh (Milliamphout measurement of the amperage of a battery), the longer your battery will last you. This also depends on the power you set your device to fire.

Do I need a spare battery for my e-cigarette, and when should I replace them?
Some batteries can last for as long as one year if you look after them correctly. If the device has an internal battery, you may need to buy a new device if the battery performance drops dramatically. However, it's always handy to have a spare just in case you need it.

Regarding batteries, what does mAh mean?
mAh stands for milliamps per hour. This is a measurement of the amperage of a battery. Usually the bigger the mAh, the longer it'll take for the battery to be fully charged.

Is it safe to charge your device overnight?
It is best to charge the batteries while you are awake and they are in sight.

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you accept?

As per December 2022, we accept bank deposit, Poli Internet Banking, Zip Pay (Buy Now, Pay Later) and cash on pick up (if you choose to pick up your vape product directly at our shop).

Usually for Poli Internet Banking and Zip Pay will only takes few minutes for the payment to be processed and approved. We directly process your order as soon as we receive a confirmation from Poli. We process orders that we received before 2PM on the same day.

To take note not for the Bank Deposit though that it usually takes 2-3 working days for the payment to be processed. Thus, you may expect a bit of a delay in the product processing. We directly process your order as soon as we receive a confirmation of your bank deposit. We process orders that we received before 2PM on the same day.

For cash on the pick up, you can directly pay at our shop: 2/117 Cascades Road, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland 2010, New Zealand. Usually your order is ready at the shop at the latest an hour after you have made the order from the website.

We are trying to get more payment methods to make it easier for you to shop your vape products with us. If you have further questions and need confirmation for your payment, feel free to reach out to us at contact@vapecloud.co.nz

 Can I change my payment methods? 

Unfortunately no. Once the order has been made, you cannot change the payment method. If you have selected "Cash on Pick up" or "Bank Deposit" and would like to change to other payment method, you have to email us at contact@vapecloud.co.nz to cancel your previous order.

You can then make another order with the preferred payment method. You can only make one cancel order.