Best-Selling Disposable Vapes: Elfbar vs Gippro

Elfbar disposable vape and Gippro come out as our best-selling disposable vape in 2022. They are excellent options regarding nicotine strength, liquid capacity, and tech. Elfbar is manufactured in China, while Gippro is from Japan. With every disposable comes similarities and differences which are worth to pay attention to. Knowing which disposable that meets your needs most is important to assure satisfying vaping experience throughout your day. Let's check out what they offer!

Gippro neo series put in NEO shape

Similarities between Elfbar and Gippro

Flavours and Nicotine Level

Both brands are well-known for their healthier and premium e-juices made with natural-based ingredients. Pre-filled with 3ml to 10ml juices that can get you round 800 to 3000 puffs. Gippro and Elfbar nicotine strength range between 0% to 5%. They have dozens of fruity flavours which are going to make your mouth waters and guarantee mouthful clouds throughout. 

Boxes of Gippro Neo Plus series with various flavours

Top three best-selling flavours for Elfbar disposable vapes are Watermelon, Strawberry Ice and Watermelon Ice. As for Gippro disposable vapes, our customers love the Guava, Strawberry Watermelon, Passionfruit, and Raspberry Watermelon.  

Number of Puffs

Gippro has as little as 800 puffs and as many as 3000 puffs for their disposables. This is making it similar to some of Elfbar popular series like the Elfbar 800, Elfbar 1500, and Elfbar BC series.

Design and Features

They crafted their disposables with an ergonomically designed mouthpiece and body. Making their disposables easier to hold and comfortable to vape. If you are an avid vaper, you’ll surely love both brands.

Three boxes of Elfbar BC3000

Gippro and Elfbar disposable vapes are available in 400mAh to 650mAh rechargeable battery. So even if you run out of battery, you can recharge it with a Type-C charger. In general both brands can last you for a whole day if you are vaping every hour or so. If you're runout of batteries, no worries! in just 1-1,5 hours of charging, you can puff again.

The Differences 

When it comes to differences, their tech is what sets them apart. Elfbar champions the battery performance compared to Gippro. Elfbar is known for its constant voltage that delivers consistent taste from the first to the last puff. Compared to Gippro Neo series, Elfbar BC3000 series has a higher battery capacity of 650mAh with the same 3000 puffs, in this case, Gippro Neo series comes with only a 400mAh battery.

Elfbar’s constant voltage is unbeatable. This constant voltage allows the flavour of e-liquid to be released consistently as well.

When it comes to flavour, Gippro may outperform Elfbar. The  atomization and heat-not-burn technology of Gippro delivers higher quality and mouth watering e-juice that highlights the flavour notes and tantalises your taste buds in every vape.  

We understand that this comparison may be subjective. There is a wide array of high-quality disposable vapes. The best disposable is the one that meets your needs and preferences. Ready to choose your champion disposable vape? 

To find your right disposable vape, you may need to do trial and error. The sooner you start looking, the better. Check out our collections of Gippro and Elfbar Disposable Vape. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Happy vaping!

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