Top 5 Best Selling Vape Flavors of 2024

There are over dozens of vape flavors in the market, from the sweet and juicy flavors to the refreshing and chilling mints. Among new vapers, it is common to try various vape brands and vape flavors before sticking to the ones they enjoy most. Here we cover our selection of best-selling vape flavors to try this year. 

It’s almost mid-2024 already and Kiwi vapers have surely done trial and error of new products ever since regular disposable vapes are banned. In the past months, we’ve gathered a list of the three most popular vape flavors among our customers, those are Grape, Blueberry Raspberry, and Strawberry Watermelon, followed by the Cherry Pomegranate and Strawberry Kiwifruit. Meanwhile, the Mint and Menthol flavors vape juice are some of the least favorites among our customers. These are based on our sales from January to end of May 2024.

Well, fruity flavors are indeed the most loved vape flavors among vapers. Even one research which was published in October 2023 stated that fruity flavors vape juices are 82,8% more popular among over 69,000 research participants. Anyways, let’s discuss more on which vape brands are most popular for these top five best-selling vape flavors in 2024!

No 1 Best Selling Vape Flavor: Grape 

Grape vape flavor is the most popular among our customers. This sweet tasting fruit e-liquid flavor is available in closed pod systems replacement pods and disposable vapes. Ranging from as little as 950 puffs up to 6000 puffs, you can pick and choose which puff counts you want to enjoy this grape vape flavor. Some of the popular brands that have this flavor are IGET Bar Plus, Vozol Gear S, and Nasty PX10 pods.

four boxes of iget bar plus pods

IGET Bar Plus


No 2 Best-Selling Vape Flavor: Blueberry Raspberry

The runner-up of vape flavor is the Blueberry Raspberry e-liquid. It seems like the sweet and tangy hints of e-liquid are one of the faves among vapers. It is a good one to try if you're hanging out in the evening or on summer days, kind of a sweet-tasting vape flavor that’s enjoyable throughout the days. Our recommendation for you to try is still from the IGET Bar line. Unlike the one from VOZOL, we feel the vape flavor is more well-balanced in IGET Bar Plus or disposable. It’s giving you the sourness and sweetness that’s just right on spot in our opinion.

four boxes of VOZOL Gear S devices and pods

VOZOL Gear S Prefilled Pod


No 3 Best-Selling Vape Flavor: Strawberry Watermelon

The top three best-selling vape flavor are the Strawberry Watermelon flavors. Ahh! What a perfect lush flavors on hot summer days, yet it is still delectable in the evening. We particularly enjoy this vape flavor at the beach or during road trips. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lake Wakatipu to the gorgeous Falls Creek Falls, the mouthwatering Strawberry Watermelon vape flavors are great to have on the go. Our customers’ favorite vape brand for this flavor is the Juicy Bar JB7000, want to try a puff?

blueberries raspberries juicy bar jb7000 pro

Juicy Bar JB7000


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No 4 Best-Selling Vape Flavor: Cherry Pomegranate

Another favorite among our customers are Cherry Pomegranate vape flavor. They are mostly loved the Cherry Pomegranate version from the IGET Bar line up. Ahh well, since they are the recent popular among vapers! But that popularity is obviously not for nothing though! IGET Bar Cherry Pomegranate is just hitting the spot in every puff. Another recommendation will be the Cherry Pomegranate flavor in Zovoo DRAGBAR ICZ for extra refreshing hint of ice in every puff.

 three boxes of dragbar icz



No 5 Best-Selling Vape Flavor: Strawberry Kiwifruit

The last flavor in the top 5 best-selling vape flavors is the Strawberry Kiwifruit. The fragrance of mouthwatering strawberry and kiwifruit is just the perfect blend. They are mouthwatering and refreshing at the same time! No wonder our customers love them. When it comes to flavor, of course the Strawberry Kiwifruit vape is offering a combo of sweet, tangy and tropical twist in every puff. Even though it is the last in the least, it still resides in many vapers’ hearts as one of their favorite to go to flavor. You can enjoy this vape flavor in Juicy Bar JB7000, ONTO United and of course the IGET Bar line.

a pink onto united pod vape

 ONTO United Starter Kit



The best vape juice flavor is subjective and based on personal preferences. It’s important to explore and experiment with different vape juices to find your perfect match. Visit VapecloudNZ to discover a diverse collection of vape juices, disposable vapes and pod vapes. Get 10% OFF on your first purchase by using ENJOY10 promo code at checkout!

Frequently Asked Question about Vape Flavors

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, is a blend of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and optionally, nicotine. It is vaporized using a battery-powered device and inhaled as a smoking alternative. The VG to PG ratio can differ, with higher VG content creating larger vapor clouds. Vape juices come in various nicotine levels, from 0mg to 50mg, to accommodate both nicotine users and those who prefer none.

As a tip, PG in e-liquid carries the flavor, while VG produces the vapor clouds. If you're after a more flavorful experience, opt for a higher PG ratio in your e-liquid, such as nicotine salt e-liquids with a 60 PG : 40 VG ratio. Typically, nicotine salts e-liquids have a 50 PG : 50 VG ratio. For those who love bigger, thicker clouds, freebase e-liquids with a 30 PG : 70 VG ratio are a great choice. Just keep in mind that freebase e-liquids generally have lower nicotine strengths.

Vape Juice Ingredients

Here are the primary components of most vape juices:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Adds thickness to vapor clouds and has a sweet taste.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG): Thins the liquid and provides a throat hit.
  • Flavorings: Food-grade extracts that give the vape juice its flavor.
  • Nicotine (optional): Ranges from 0mg to 50mg and acts as an addictive stimulant.
  • Distilled Water: Used to thin blends with high VG content.

When purchasing vape juice, the label should detail all ingredients, so you know exactly what you're vaping.

How long can vape juice last?

The lifespan of vape juice can vary between 1 to 2 years when stored correctly. To maintain its flavor and quality, it’s important to store e-liquid away from heat and sunlight. Over time, nicotine can oxidize, leading to a harsh taste. If you detect any changes in color or flavor, it’s recommended to replace the old vape juice with a new bottle for the best experience.

How to transition smoothly from smoking to vaping: A Guide to Choosing Vape Juice

Selecting Nicotine Strength

  • For transitioning smokers, start with nicotine strengths of 18 mg or higher, gradually reducing as needed.
  • Social vapers or trick enthusiasts can choose from 0 mg to 3 mg nicotine levels.
Choosing the VG/PG Ratio
  • Higher VG content leads to thicker clouds, ideal for vape tricks.
  • Higher PG enhances flavor and throat hit, replicating the smoking sensation.A balanced 50 VG / 50 PG ratio provides a satisfying throat hit, suitable for mouth-to-lung devices like vape pod systems.
Personal Preferences Matter

Trust your taste buds and preferences when selecting the best vape juice flavor for your vaping experience.

Tips for Sampling and Selection

  • Start with smaller bottles or sample packs to avoid commitment to large quantities of unfamiliar flavors.
  • Cleanse your palate before trying new flavors to get the true taste of the e-liquid.That means, try to drink water before trying your vape juice. To avoid vape tongue, stay hydrated.
  • Note down your likes and dislikes about each flavor, considering sweetness, smoothness, and aftertaste.
  • Don’t hesitate to mix and match flavors for a unique vaping experience.
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