What You Need to Know about Hookah

Hookah is getting more popular day by day, you've probably heard of it or even tried it. Hookah is from Rajasthan and Gujarat, India. It's been around since the 1560s and ever since its existence, Hookah has been enjoyed by people across the age. The term Hookah and Shisha are often used interchangeably; however, they refer to two different things. Hookah is a device that is used to smoke tobacco or non-tobacco (herbal) flavoured products known as shisha or shisha molasses. So shisha is the moist tobacco or herbal that's placed in the hookah bowl and delivers a satisfying fruity flavour. Sometimes, shisha is also called hookah flavour, it's easier to remember, no? ;) Shisha is usually made of tobacco soaked in fruit flavour juice and it contains nicotine. The main ingredients of shisha are tobacco, molasses, glycerin and flavouring.

So, you may be thinking, does shisha give the same satisfying hit as smoking or vaping? You can get the buzz of nicotine as the moist tobacco contains it, but not as much as marijuana or smoking. You may get relaxed, and light-headed, especially if you smoke on an empty stomach. According to Al-Fakher, the famous hookah flavour brand, the nicotine in their product is 0.12% compared to a cigarette that contains 2.61% nicotine. 

While the majority of people who enjoy hookah are mostly doing it occasionally, it's important to note that due to the nicotine, you may get addicted to it. Be sure to do hookah responsibly and try to do it in an open space

As of now, both men and women can enjoy hookah in groups. It is a good way to catch up with friends and loved ones while getting the sweet velvety clouds going. Due to its many parts, it may take some time to assemble the hookah. 



Many  parts of hookah

There are parts of a hookah. The shisha goes in a hookah bowl that goes on top of the hookah and is smoked when heated with coals. You can then inhale the vapour using the hose and mouthpiece. 

A hookah is distinguishable from other pipes because it is a water pipe. A hookah has a water basin at the bottom, so when a user inhales the vapour, it passes through the water before it’s taken into the body.


Can you get addicted to hookah?

Yes, as hookah flavour (shisha) contains nicotine and it is an addictive chemical. It is best not to inhale shisha too frequently or too much. Most importantly, you need to be at least 18 years old to smoke shisha.

Ever wonder when not to use hookah? It is strongly suggested to skip hookah smoking altogether by pregnant people. This is because it is linked to low birth weight babies. Apart from that, based on an article from Very Well Mind on Hookah, it is best to skip hookah if you have high blood pressure. As it may raise your blood pressure and your heart rate which may increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. 


What is inside hookah flavour?

Hookah flavour or shisha is made of a mixture of tobacco and molasses. The molasses you see in a pack of hookah flavour contains glycerine, sweeteners, and conservatives. Glycerine in the molasses will then create thick vapour everytime you exhale the hookah vapour. 


What is the best Hookah Flavour?

It is usally based on preferance. Most hookah flavours have sweet and fruity flavours. This is due to the sweeteners and food flavouring soaked in the tobacco. 

Our customers' favourite is hookah flavour brand of Al-Fakher. It's got extensive range of flavours you can explore. Moreover, we sell in small package of 50gr which allows you the opportunity to try and mix the flavours ;) 


Is hookah less harmful than cigarettes? No. There is some health risks if you try hookah smoking occasionally or frequently. One of the risks to watch out for is the nicotine addiction (this is important if you have never smoked or vaped before. It is suggested to skip this all together).



Hookah is a device you can enjoy with friends and family. It can create sweet and flavourful vapour that you can inhale to get relaxing and satisfying hit. This satisfaction comes from the nicotine that the tobacco in hookah flavour. It doesn't matter how often and long you smoke hookah, there is always health risk. It is important to be mindful about this and only do it when you are at least 18 years old.


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