Best Disposable Vapes of 2024 in New Zealand

The new regulations from the New Zealand Government have come to full practice this January 2024. A lot of disposable vapes are being restricted in the market for the safety and health of Kiwi. Some of our customers' favourite disposables are no longer available, however, some brands have made a great comeback with full compliance of New Zealand Vaping Regulations, thus, assure better safety for minors and Kiwi in overall. Let’s peek into the top 3 best disposable vapes that made a great comeback this 2024.

Summary of Best Disposable Vapes of 2024

  • IGET BAR disposable vape 2.0 - Best of flavor consistency
  • IGET Bar disposable vape version 2


    • Flavor selection: Up to 20 flavors
    • Nicotine strength: 20mg
    • Atomizer: 1.2Ω Coil
    • Battery: 1400mAh battery
    • Puff count: 3500
    • Technical feature: Removable battery and equipped with child safety mechanism

  • RELX MagicGo 8000i Disposable Vape - Best of Tech feature
  • a box of relx magicgo 8000i disposable vape


    • Flavour selection: 8 flavors
    • Nicotine strength: 18mg
    • Atomizer: Cotton
    • Battery: 850mAh (Pure Cobalt) - rechargeable 
    • Puff count: Up to 8000 
    • Technical feature: Child safety mechanism, Smart Monitor for Battery, vape juice and voltage level

  • DRAGBAR ICZ Disposable Vape - Best for icy flavor disposable vape
  • a dragbar icz disposable vape


    • Flavour selection: 16 flavors
    • Nicotine strength: 20mg
    • Atomizer: Mesh Coil
    • Battery: 500mAh - rechargeable 
    • Puff count: Up to 5000 
    • Technical feature: Removable battery and equipped with child safety mechanism

    Each disposable vape of course delivers more than just flavor. Each has their own unique features that cater to each of your specific needs. Let’s dig more into the disposable vapes.


    IGET Bar Disposable Vape

    three boxes of IGET Bar disposable vapes

    IGET Bar is that one disposable vape that has become our customers’ favorite, especially in 2023. The vape pod variant of this brand, the IGET Bar Plus is also available in the market, but the hype of the disposable is unbeatable as of now. 

    Its recognition is definitely well deserved, for IGET Bar is great in flavor consistency and flavor options. With up to 3500 puffs you can get a good nicotine hit for almost 2 weeks per disposable. This brand is the king of delivering a wide range of flavor and a good flavor consistency until the last puff. 

    Our favorite flavour of IGET Bar disposable vape is Cherry Pomegranate. It’s delightfully sweet and has a good hint of sour from the pomegranate, it just makes our mouth water. Even though the nicotine level is much less than the previous version, IGET still manages to deliver a great loose MTL that mimics closely to smoking. As a first time trying to transition to vaping, you may find it a bit difficult to get the right nicotine hit, and IGET still can offer you that. 

    If you just want to have a good hit, IGET Bar disposable vape can be your go to. With not much of settings and draw activated, this disposable vape is enough to get you through the day with a satisfying nicotine hit. They redesigned their cover by the way! This is of course to differentiate it from the previous version of IGET Bar. Well, some of us do prefer the recent design than the previous one. It is still eye-catching, easy to grip and has a comfortable mouthpiece. 

    Complying with the new government regulation, IGET Bat delivers satisfaction with extra safety for minors as it’s equipped with a child lock mechanism. They also come with 20mg nicsalt per disposable vape. It is still a non-rechargeable vape, but worry not, every IGET Bar can last you until the very last  puff. This vape device indeed deserves a place for the best disposable vape of 2024.


    RELX MagicGo Disposable Vape

    three boxes of RELX magicgo 8000i disposable vape

    If you prefer more than just flavor and satisfaction, RELX MagicGo 8000i can be your go to. It is an innovative and stylish disposable vape that is NZ compliant, yet still tantalizing and satisfying. 

    RELX MagicGo 8000i offers decent flavor in every hit. It is prefilled with vape juice with a nicotine level of 18mg and can deliver up to 8000 puffs. What is awesome from this disposable compared to other RELX Magic Go is their smart LED. 

    RELX MagicGo 8000i can boaoast themselves for their fancy tech feature that is similar to most vape pods and mods on the market. Every bar of this MagicGo 8000i is featured with a smart LED that will show you the battery indicator, vape juice level and voltage level. Not gonna lie, the first time we got our hands on this disposable vape, it feels futuristic and once we hit it, it still delivers that flavor akin to their RELX replacement pod.

    What we enjoy from this disposable vape is their adjustable power that’s similar to the RELX Infinity 2 device. You can enjoy regular standard mode and boost power mode for more intense flavour and vapor. We like to go with the standard mode because well, we’re saving more energy and liquid with that one. 

    For a disposable with this feature, the device itself still feels lightweight and comfortable to grip. Not too big, it is still in the similar size of IGET Bar actually. When it comes to battery, the RELX MagicGo 8000i can last you longer than an Infinity or Essential device. The RELX MagicGo 8000i can last you up to 3 whole days of vaping. This is of course thanks to their 850mAh Pure Cobalt battery that’s more stable and longer lasting in power. For these fantastic features, this MagicGo 8000i disposable vape deserves the title of one of the best disposable vapes in 2024.

    ZOVOO DragBar ICZ Disposable Vape

    three boxes of zovoo dragbar icz disposable vapes

    Calling out all menthol cigs lovers! The ZOVOO DragBar ICZ is amazingly icy and still satisfying. As soon as we get a hit of this disposable vape, it directly hits our nose and throat. Every DragBar ICZ disposable vape has MESH coil installed in them. This allows faster heat but still distributes the heat more evenly. This then may generate better and smoother vapor as well as better flavor in every hit.

    Compared to the other two disposable vapes, DragBar ICZ may be quite in the middle for puff counts. With 5000 puffs, this vape is a good fit for those who enjoy sticking around with one flavour for up to 2 and 2.5 weeks. When it comes to the mouthpiece, it is slightly bigger than RELX and IGET Bar, but still reasonably comfortable. 

    DragBar ICZ is offering more dynamic and refreshing flavors, for instance, their tobacco flavor disposable still has that refreshing hit in every draw of vape, and if you enjoy the lush, fresh and juicy flavor of watermelon, for us, the ICZ disposable vape is winning it. It may not be as fancy as RELX or famous as IGET Bar, but the simplicity of Zovoo DragBar ICZ is still rocking it. 

    Zovoo ICZ disposable vape can be another go to disposable vape for those who just want to have a good puff and enjoy icy kicks in every vape. No hustle, only satisfaction.


    Every disposable vape is unique and caters to the needs of every vaper. However, these three may be worth for you to try for their extensive selection of flavors or outstanding tech features that can elevate your vaping experience. Whichever it is, we still suggest you be mindful of how you vape, how often you vape and how you dispose of your disposable vape. Vape responsibly and and may you have an enjoyable vaping journey as you make the transition to stop smoking. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which disposable vape lasts the longest?

    When it comes to longevity IGET Bar disposable vape is still the winner as it is pre-charged with 1400mAh battery. It also does not require to be recharged for you to enjoy your vaping. 

    How long does 3000 puffs last?

    It depends from person to person, but with 3000 puffs, you can go vaping for up to 2 weeks.

    What is the most sold disposable vape?

    Our best selling disposable vape as of now is still the well-known IGET Bar disposable vape.

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