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RELX Infinity/Infinity 2/Essential Replacement Pod

RELX Infinity/Infinity 2/Essential Replacement Pod

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Mouthwatering Flavors of RELX Pod

The famous RELX comes with over a dozen flavors of their RELX Infinity Replacement Pods. Mouthwatering, icy, juicy, rich tobacco, you name it! There's almost no flavor you can't find in RELX Pods. The pod has 35mg and 46mg nicotine strength and different flavors have different nicotine strength. 

If you are more into the classic flavors, the pod RELX have three different tobacco variants and menthol. If you are more into the fruity,  go for the juicy Mango Orange or Lemon Zest. Prefer something that's a bit different from the rest? Try RELX pods Limited Edition like Palm Rounds, Jasmine Green Tea, Golden Crystal and many more! Pick your own version of best RELX pod flavors and enjoy their mouthwaterng flavors in every puff.

If this is your first time purchasing RELX, click the Flavor Description to find out more about the flavor notes. 

Check out the RELX Infinity Charging while you're here. 

Flavor Descriptions

Root Brew - 35mg Nicotine

Take a fresh breath of sparkling frosty fizz. A refined blend of vanilla sweetness with a fizzy touch of citrus. RELX pods accurate recreation of an iced cold glass of root beer finished with a mint cooling sensation. 

Lemon Zest - 35mg Nicotine

An authentic taste of fresh lemonade, finishing with a crisp blast of ice.

Blueberry Splash - 35mg Nicotine

The taste of sweet and juicy blueberries filling up your mouth in every puff.

Mango Orange - 35mg Nicotine

Immerse yourself in a juicy blast of mango fine-tuned with a fresh squeeze of oranges. The intense tropical experience will brighten up your day with the feeling of morning sunshine.

Lychee Ice - 35mg Nicotine

Exotic Lychee. Experience the sweet and juicy aroma with a twist of coolingness in every puff of RELX pod Lychee Ice. 

Grape Apple - 35mg Nicotine

Taste the freshness of purple grapes mixed with the sweet and sour green apple. 

Zesty Sparkle - 35mg Nicotine 

Be blown away by the sweet and zesty blend of lemon-lime flavour topped off with a smooth exhale of mint in this RELX pod flavor. The Freshness you simply can't forget.

Palm Rounds (Pinapple and Coconut) - 35mg Nicotine

The new Palm Rounds delivers a tropical punch with its perfect combination of coconut and pineapple tastes finished with a smooth cooling mint.

Jasmine Green Tea - 35mg Nicotine

RELX pod limited edition flavor. Sweet and delicious tea flavour followed by the jasmine floral.

Golden Crystal (Honey Grapefruit) - 35mg Nicotine

Another limited edition flavor from RELX pod that you must try. Mixture of fresh grapefruit and honey that gives you a sweet wake-up taste.

Mellow Melody (Rock Melon) - 35mg Nicotine

The Infinity Mellow Melody is the perfect replica of the Classic Rock Melon flavour, delivering a lingering sweetness across your taste buds with an added cool breeze. This is the fruity flavour that everyone loves over and over again.

Sunset Paradise (Guava) - 35mg Nicotine

Take a deep breath of the tropical breeze, the new Guava flavour is full of sweetness with a hint of delicate floral notes. It's like the combination of pear, mango and strawberry.

Orchard Rounds (Peach) - 35mg Nicotine

A refreshing taste of succulent juicy peaches, mixed with just a touch of cooling mint, instant satisfaction on the tastebuds with a refreshing aroma of RELX Orchard Rounds.

Fresh Red (Watermelon Mint) - 35mg Nicotine

A cooling taste for the peak of summer. This is a simple yet flavorsome fusion with a welcome hint of menthol.

Dark Sparkle (Cola) - 35mg Nicotine

RELX pod comes with a flavor that quenches your thirst. Cooling and aromatic, this flavour is a good choice for sparkling moments.

Garden's Heart (Strawberry) - 35mg Nicotine

So fresh, it’s like it was picked straight from a garden. It all begins with a subtle milky note, before the full-bodied flavor of RELX Garden's Heart takes the lead.

Tangy Purple (Grape) - 35mg Nicotine

Its precise complexity delivers a fresh taste that unfolds slowly, with a lingering fragrance.

Sunny Sparkle (Mandarin) - 35mg Nicotine

Sweet orange mixed with zesty mandarin to give you an unforgettable experience.

Ludou Ice - 35mg Nicotine

By capturing the rich and earthy flavors of mung bean, this flavor is a masterful blend for lasting cooling. Complex notes come together to achieve a coordinating balance with each puff of RELX Ludou Ice.

Golden Slice - 35mg Nicotine

Another RELX pod for mango lovers. Golden Slice is a pleasant flavour with fragrant aroma takes you to the sunny tropical forest, satisfying your taste bud from the green mango.

Ice Tobacco - 46mg Nicotine

This RELX flavor replicates the popular cigarette with an ice capsule, very strong minty taste mixed with an authentic premium tobacco flavour, every puff is an icy blasting moment. It's the perfect alternative for those who miss the menthol smoking sensation.

Peppermint - 46mg Nicotine

It features sweetened peppermint flavour perfect for the festivities of the holiday season. RELX pod Peppermint flavor delivers a super-smooth, yet bold minty taste with a sweet exhale, satisfying your cravings for a cooling minty sensation!

Lush Tobacco - 46mg Nicotine

Satisfy your tobacco cravings with this flavour! The RELX Lush Tobacco features an authentic Oriental tobacco taste with a slightly sweet finish. 

Smooth Tobacco - 46mg Nicotine 

Perfect for tobacco lovers! Smooth Tobacco features flavours of medium roasted tobacco that replicate the cigarette taste without leaving a lingering smell. 

Classic Tobacco - 46mg Nicotine

It's the upgraded edition from the Classic Range, perfect for those who miss the taste of tobacco without the lingering smell, it features notes of medium blend tobacco with a smoky aromatic finish, with 46mg/ml (5%) nicotine strength.

Double Peppermint - 46mg Nicotine

Experience the natural taste of fresh mint leaves in RELX pod Double Peppermint. Clean, crisp, and with a splash of raindrops, all powered by an herbal blast of doubly strong mint.

Rich Tobacco - 46mg Nicotine

Unlike conventional e-liquid tobacco flavors, which taste flat or lack authenticity, Rich Tobacco uses concentrated extracts with refined aromatic components to present a genuine tobacco taste, with rich nutty notes in the mid to end tone. 

Menthol Plus - 46mg Nicotine

The cooler, stronger sensations of freshness, powered by menthol.

Menthol Extra - 46mg Nicotine

It's the upgraded MINT flavour from the Classic range, one of the most COOLING menthol flavours you can find in the vaping market, taste the icy freshness of RELX Menthol Extra now.

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