How to choose the best vape juice?

To help you successfully make your transition smooth from smoking to vaping, you need to pay attention to the vape juice you choose for your vape device.

Vape juice is also known as e-liquid or e-juice. It is the liquid in vaporizers to create clouds or vapor and provide satisfaction for nicotine cravings (especially for those transitioning from smoking). Vape juice comes in a lot of nicotine strength and various assortment of flavors. It is made of a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or glycerol, food-grade flavouring, and nicotine. 

So, which is the best vape juice?

Sometimes it can take quite awhile to find a good liquid that satisfies your tastebuds and nicotine craving. There are over hundreds of vape juice in NZ, from local brands like Good Juice to the famous Nasty Juice. We understand that the "best vape juice" is subjective. So, let’s just explore them together with these three tips you can use before purchasing vape juices.

A bottle of passion vape juice, a voopoo drag mod and nasty e-juice

Tip 1: Choose your Nicotine Strength 

All right, this must have crossed your mind the first time you decide you want to start vaping.

"What nicotine strength should I vape?" 

If you're transitioning from smoking to vaping and usually smoking half a pack to a pack of cigarettes a day. You may start with vape juice with nicotine strength of 18 mg and above. You can pick the e-juice with high nicotine on your first try, and if you are aiming to eventually stop vaping, you can gradually lower down your nicotine strength. If you're just vaping for doing some tricks and socialising with friends, 0 mg to 3 mg nicotine level is enough.
Either way, knowing the right nicotine strength that you'll enjoy is an important thing to consider to create satisfying vaping experience throughout. 

Tip 2: Choose the right VG/PG Ratio

Vape juice can come in as little as 10ml bottle to 100m with different ratios of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). They make up about 90% of the contents in vape juice, with nicotine and flavouring making up the remaining 10%.

The vape juice ratio can play a big role in your vaping experience. The VG is responsible for the thick and big clouds you puff. The more VG in your vape juice, the bigger the clouds and the most suitable for vape tricks. PG however, enhances flavours and leaves a stronger taste in the back of the throat. Vape juices with more PG ratio can be your go-to if you're looking for juices that replicate throat hit of smoking.

The 50 VG / 50 PG usually comes with nicotine levels of as little as 18mg to 50mg nic salt. This ratio will give you a decent throat hit and can be used in any vape pods (the Mouth-to-Lung devices). This is also perfect ratio if you're just transitioning as this ratio gives throat hit similar to cigarettes.

The 80VG/20PG or 70VG / 30 PG will work well in sub-ohm e-cigarettes for bigger and thicker clouds. They also come in 0mg to 5mg nicotine. This is often known as freebase e-liquid. Get your friends floored with bigger clouds and awesome vaping tricks 😉.
a bottle of sad boy eliquid, fruit monster eliquid and six licks eliquid

Tip 3: Explore the Flavours

Ever wonder what’s the best flavour vape juice in NZ? Just like a treasure, the best vape juice with luscious flavours is worth seeking. Once you find it, it's the holy grail in every puff. 

There are assortments of liquid flavours you can explore, but eventually, they come down to a few basic flavours. Those are fruit, menthol, tobacco, and desserts. You most likely already know which flavour you enjoy or want to try. The key here is to not to hesitate to experiment as many flavours. Start with a bottle of 10 ml e-juice with 2-3 flavours if you want.

Fruit vape juice flavours are the favourite of vapers of all levels. Some of these e-liquids have a juicy sensation, sweet candy-like taste, and exotic fruits. Some popular line-ups of juices also have a combination of fruits with refreshing menthol.

a line of yeti eliquid bottles

If you once enjoyed menthol cigarettes, you can go with the spearmint, menthol ice, peppermint, or a combination of peppermint and spearmint. Basically, start with the flavour you want to try or something you are familiar with. Trying more flavours when you are trying to find your version of best vape juice is always a good idea.

FYI, a study done involving over 4,000 participants concluded that various vape juice flavours motivated both former smokers and current smokers to reduce and quit their cigarettes. On average 69.2% of them are switching between three different flavours on daily basis. Try to have minimum of two different e-juices flavours, the more flavours you can enjoy the better. Plus it may even motivate you to completely quit from smoking.


There is indeed a wide selection of vape juice flavours and ratios. There is no straight-up answer to “best vape juice”, it all comes down to you and how you want to create your vaping experience.

Identify your vaping needs by using the three tips above. Experiment as many as vape juices you can as it may motivate you more to reduce and even quit smoking.

Find your own version best vape juice at VapecloudNZ. If you want to give a try to our customers' favourites, check out Airscream 313 e-liquid, Sad boy e-liquid, the award-winning juice Six Licks. Explore our collections of e-liquid and take your best vape juice home. 

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