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Airscream 313 E-liquid - 10ml

Airscream 313 E-liquid - 10ml

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Signature flavours of Airscream NicSalt E-liquid

The amazing taste of Airscream e-liquid 313 is available in 10ml bottle with 20mg and 40mg nicsalts. It's ideal for you to carry everywhere.

Since this Airscream is available in smaller bottle, you are free to explore wide range of vape juice flavours. We stock up their most popular vape juice flavours such as Freezy Grape, Watermelon, and Pink Crystal.

Enjoy the blast of smooth icy sensation and mouthwatering taste of Airscream flavours in every puff.

  • Size: 10ml
  • Strengths: 4% (40mg) salt nicotine

Also available the 30ml bottle of Airscream vape juice 


Food grade aseptic material

Only the highest quality food grade materials are used in all AirsPops.

Flavours Description

Go pick your flavourful and mouthwatering Airscream E-liquid now ;)

Mangolicious - The pure, unadulterated tropical taste of mango in 10 ml bottle.

Freezy Grape (MOST POPULAR)- The lush and wholesome taste of syrupy grape infused with a chilly sensation.

Watermelon (MOST POPULAR) - Thirst quenching sweetness of melon that's elevated with a frosty sensation.

Zesty Lemon - A simply irresistible, perfectly balanced lemon flavour with a zesty finish in every puff of Airscream.

Southpole - Stay frosty below the deep arctic south with this super-icy mint.

Lychee Raspberry - Thirst-quenching lychee and fruity raspberry for the most mouth-watering, delightful blend of sweet and sour.

Ocean 11 Toba - A rich flavoured cigar with the lively scent of banana and a touch of whisky.

Berry Fusion - A wholesome mixture of raspberry and cranberry with added pink grapefruit to intensify the sweet and succulent taste.

Peach Ice (MOST POPULAR) - Airscream brings up all the goodness of fruity red, white or yellow ripe peaches, offering a juicy and well-balanced flavour to satisfy connoisseurs of sweet palates.

Menthol - Get that blast of smooth icy menthol! Reenergises and refreshes instantly!

Polar Mint - This brilliant marriage of Spearmint & Peppermint doubles the sensation of fresh minty vibes.

Pink Crystal (MOST POPULAR Airscream Flavour) - Fruity-licious berry with a hint of sour and crisp aftertaste, with a mild icy kick.

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