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Airscream 313 E-liquid - 10ml

Airscream 313 E-liquid - 10ml

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Blend of satisfying nicotine hit with Airscream AirsPops e-liquid

The amazing taste of Airscream AirsPops e-liquid 313 is available in 10ml bottles with 20mg and 28.5mg nicotine strength. It's ideal for you to carry everywhere. Variants of e-liquids from AirPop is gonna satisfying your nicotine craving and make your mouth waters.

It is a great option of e-liquid for those who enjoy exploring flavors as Airscream Airpop is covering refreshing mint flavors, sweet tasting fruity flavors and classic tobaccos. Perfect option for new vapers who just stop smoking.

Since this Airscream airpop is available in smaller bottle, you are free to explore wide range of AirPop e-liquid's flavours. We stock up on their most popular vape juice flavours such as Sweet Grapes, Tobacco, and Mint Peppermint.

Enjoy the blast of smooth icy sensation and mouthwatering taste of Airscream AirsPops flavours in every puff.


  • Size: 10mL
  • Nicotine Strengths: 2% (20mg) and 2.8% (28.5mg)

Also available the 30ml bottle of Airscream vape juice 


Food grade aseptic material

Only the highest quality food-grade materials are used in all airpop.


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