A Beginner’s Guide to Disposable vape

A disposable vape offers a good deal of satisfaction in every puff and decent features for its price. Offering a quick hit of nicotine on the go, a disposable vape is a good option for the weekend or on holiday, apart from that it is also a great option for those who are considering switching from smoking to vaping. Before you go all in with expensive vape devices, giving vaping a try with a disposable is a good decision.

How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

Disposable vapes operate effortlessly, typically without buttons, relying instead on being draw-activated. With a simple inhale, the device springs to life. Inside, a battery ignites a coil within a pre-filled pod, transforming the e-liquid into an inhalable vapor. 

Common coils used in disposable vapes include cotton and ceramic. Cotton coils are known for their ability to absorb e-liquid quickly, resulting in robust flavor production. On the other hand, ceramic coils offer a smoother vaping experience and can enhance the purity of flavor. The choice of coil can significantly impact the taste and nicotine hit of the vapor, providing vapers with a customizable experience tailored to their preferences.

One of the most appealing aspects of disposable vapes is their simplicity. Unpack, puff, and you're vaping. Their design requires little upkeep or cleaning, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment. These vapes feature pre-filled pods with an array of flavors and nicotine concentrations, catering to individual preferences. 

Whether you're craving fruity delights like mango or strawberry, indulging in classic tobacco flavors, or seeking the refreshing taste of menthol, disposable vapes offer a diverse range of options to suit every palate.

Satisfying Nicotine Hit at a Reasonable Price

Disposable vape is a cheaper option for getting mouthful clouds. It's a vape device that offers light in the pocket and heavy in satisfaction. One disposable vape can cost you around $10 to $30 depending on number of puffs you want. 

The 250 - 800 puffs can get you through the weekend, while the 3,000 to 6,000 puffs can be for those who prefer enjoying one flavor for up to a month. If you are the kind of person who actively vapes and likes to explore flavor, going with the 1000 puffs disposable may cost you around $13 to $15. That's even cheaper than a pack of cigarettes

With a lot of brands in the market, you may get overwhelmed with options. Well, it shouldn't be so. Here we're gonna share things you may want to know before buying a disposable vape for the first time. Let's check them out!

Best Disposable Vape to Try: IGET Bar Disposable vape 3500 puffs

a black box

The IGET Bar is a vape for enjoying 3500 puffs. Made from light stainless steel, it feels good in your hand. With great flavors and a big capacity, the IGET Bar is always ready when you need it. The IGET Bar vape is also one of our customers’ favorite brands when it comes to disposable vape for it delivers the right hit of nicotine in flavorful puffs and a wide range of flavors to choose from.


  • Pre-Filled: 12mL Salt Nic
  • Pre-charged 1400mAh battery - Removeable battery
  • Salt Nicotine: 2%, (20MG) Salt Nic inside for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit
  • Up to 3500+ Puffs per disposable
  • Compact, Light, and Portable
  • Child lock setting

As a compact and easy-to-use device, a disposable vape delivers satisfaction in every puff. It comes with a various number of puffs depending on what you need. It can have as little as 250 puffs (that’s equal to a pack of cigarettes) to around 6,000 puffs. 

Which type of vapers are you?

There are usually two types of vapers, those who vape to stop smoking and social vapers who only vape when hanging out with friends. When you are about to buy a disposable vape, understanding what type of vaper you are is also important, not just prices 😉 The reason is, that they have quite a wide range of nicotine strength.

 Usually, a disposable vape has salt nicotine liquid in an individual tank, with nicotine strength ranging from 1% to 2%. Catering to the needs of both social vapers and ex-smokers transitioning to vaping.

If you are a beginner and have never been vaping or smoking before, choosing a disposable vape with lower nicotine strength is advisable. If you are a more experienced vaper or someone who's about to transition from smoking to vaping, then you may want to look for a disposable that offers more flavor options and higher nicotine strength.

Like regular bottles of nic salt or freebase, the e-liquid in disposable vapes has a variety of flavors. From mixed fruits, menthol, and classic tobacco. Your options are endless when it comes to flavors, our customers especially love fruity flavors like green apple, berries, and lemon. A disposable is a good go-to to satisfy your nicotine craving. You can find such products at our site VapecloudNZ.

Battery Capacity of Disposable Vape and Other Features 

Vaping serves both to satisfy your nicotine craving and as a way to express yourself. In general, a disposable vape is an easy-to-carry vape device that can be carried on an airplane on your trip. Disposable vapes typically have battery capacities ranging from 280mAh to 1200mAh, providing ample power to last through multiple vaping sessions while remaining compact and portable.

 It is usually leak-resistant and comes with tightly sealed packaging, making it extra safe for traveling. Disposable vapes ensure safety and compliance with New Zealand regulations by incorporating a child lock feature. If you are seeking a more advanced vaping experience, the RELX disposable vape offers additional features such as a screen and other functionalities while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Some disposable vapes may degrade gradually in terms of flavor and power nearing the time of their disposal. Other vapes offer extremely stable powers and consistent flavors until the very last puff. They also deliver the pure flavor of the e-liquid that keeps making your mouth water. This kind of disposable is usually equipped with dual coils. A dual coil in a disposable vape produces stronger, warmer, and more luscious vapor clouds in less time. 

For those concerned about safety and convenience, the Solo vape stands out with its innovative design. Equipped with a child lock feature to prevent accidental activation, the Solo vape prioritizes user safety. Furthermore, boasting a reliable coil system and customizable nicotine levels, the Solo vape caters to individual preferences while ensuring a seamless vaping experience.

five boxes of solo plus disposable vapes

Let me introduce you to the Solo Plus disposable vape – it's quite impressive! Building on the strengths of the original Solo, the Solo Plus offers even more puffs, lasting up to 2800 compared to the original's 1000 puffs. Additionally, it comes with a wider range of flavor variants, providing more options to satisfy your taste. 

boxes of solo plus disposable vape 

With its enhanced battery capacity and pre-filled 6.5mL of vape juice at a 20mg nicotine level, the Solo Plus ensures a satisfying hit with every puff. The best part? It's compact and easy to carry, making it the perfect companion for your busy lifestyle. You get great flavor, reliable performance, and peace of mind, all in one handy device.

One of the important features of a disposable vape is battery capacity. While most disposables can't be recharged, there are those with over 2000 puffs that usually offer rechargeable batteries, like Dragbar ICZ which offers removable and rechargeable batteries. When you are about to purchase one, a weigh-in battery mAh can be an important factor. If you are traveling a lot and may be away for a while, it's better to stock up on a couple of disposables with around 600 mAh to 800 mAh. You can also consider going for vape pods or hybrid disposable vapes like IGET Bar Plus Kit.


The design of the disposables we choose speaks volumes about us as well. Most disposable vapes are designed with ergonomic mouthpieces and body shapes. Making it comfortable for you to vape and to hold. 

A couple of brands in the market even go all the way in to make sure the mouthpiece is soft and skin-friendly for those with sensitive skin. A brand like VOZOL is a champion for this. Not only that, but VOZOL is also creating eco-friendly packaging and a body of disposable vape, made out of post-consumer material. If you opt for an eco-friendly product, you may check out VOZOL Switch 1600 disposable vape

four vozol switch 1600 c vape pods

Longevity of Disposable Vape

So, how long does a disposable vape last? Well, it depends. A disposable vape can last you 5 days to even 3 weeks. How many times you hit them per hour matters a lot. In general, a disposable vape with 1000 puffs can last you up to 2 weeks. When it comes to battery, it can vary from brand to brand, but in general, a disposable vape can have a 300mAh to 500mAh battery that can last you until the last puff. If your disposable is rechargeable then be sure it can last as long as the very last puffs, most likely for disposable that has over 5000 puffs.

For that, The Ammo disposable vape series is back with its latest addition, the Ammo STAR. This little device is impressive, offering up to 5500 puffs! With its long-lasting 1300mAh battery, you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping until the very last puff. Plus, it's pre-filled with delicious vape juices at 20mg nicotine strength, ensuring every draw is both satisfying and flavorful. The Ammo STAR stands out in the world of disposable vapes. 

Additionally, its sleek design and user-friendly features make it a convenient choice for vapers on the go. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Ammo STAR delivers a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience. So not only does the Ammo STAR provide exceptional performance, but it also prioritizes sustainability—a win-win for both vapers and the planet.

You may wonder if you can recharge a disposable vape even if it doesn't say "Rechargeable battery". The answer is yes and no. You can do DIY charging by opening up your disposable vape and finding the cable and extension to recharge it. However, please note that it may cause damage to the liquid tank or cause a short circuit. It is not advisable to recharge your disposable if it doesn't have a charging port. 

As it is clear in the name, a disposable vape is a vape device that's meant to be disposed of as soon as the battery runs out.

Leaking Disposable Vape

There are a lot of factors contributing to a leaking Disposable Vape. In general, like other vape products, such as e-liquid, closed pods, or refillable pods, a disposable vape should be kept at room temperature and should not be exposed to direct sunlight for hours.

Pay attention to these points below should you consider purchasing one soon.

Temperature: Where do you keep it?

As mentioned before, disposable vape should be kept at room temperature. Internal damage to the coil, liquid tank, or liquid itself may happen if you are keeping them above or under room temperature for a long time. If this is your first time buying a disposable vape, make sure you keep it where it is safe and at room temperature.

Keeping the disposable at a lower or higher temperature may cause the liquid in the disposable vape to freeze or overheat. Moreover, this can cause a chemical breakdown that makes it change color and/or flavor. Who wants to vape a less tasty vape juice? 🥴

Air Pressure: How hard did you inhale your disposable vape?

This often happens not just with disposable vape, but also closed pods or refillable pods. Sometimes when you inhale it too hard, the vape juice is leaking from the mouthpiece as you suck it too hard before the liquid can even vaporizes. 

Another reason may be because the e-liquid inside the tank was over-filled and there isn't enough air in the cartridge or around the atomizer for vapor to form, so the formation of vapor forces liquid out the path of least resistance, i.e. into your mouth.

If it's leaking from the battery or just leaking out of the device when it's just sitting on the table or in your pocket, then the disposable is probably not sealed correctly. You need to throw it as soon as possible. 

Sometimes due to shipping, fell during delivery or mass production, this can happen in your disposable vape. If this ever happens to you when you purchase a disposable vape from us in-store or online, feel free to reach out to us directly, we'll be happy to assist you anytime.

How to recycle a disposable vape?

Ever wonder how to throw away your disposable vape? Don't worry, you're not the only one!

Most people don't know how to safely dispose of it after it's done its great service in relieving our cravings. Disposable Vape container made mainly of plastic, and it's got battery in it. Its lithium battery can cause an explosion under certain pressure and heat. You definitely can't just throw it away in the bin.

To avoid the explosion and leaking of poisonous materials released by the use of disposable vapes, recycling, and reusing can be the answer. In New Zealand, you can safely recycle some brands of disposable vapes through a few recycling companies. Some of them even offer you credit points you can use either to donate to charity.

You can send your used vape devices to these recycling companies: TechCollect NZ and E-cycle.

If you happen to purchase solo disposable vape with us, you can ship your used disposable to VapeCycle Free Recycling Programme to be recycled. Download your free label here.


Disposable vapes are compact and easily fit in your pocket. They are reasonably priced, have mouthwatering assortments of flavors, and are easy to use. No confusing setup, one inhale and it is activated.

A disposable vape can be a good option to try vaping as you make a switch from smoking to vaping. There is no hassle of maintaining the device, you can also see which nicotine level meets your needs best. Apart from that, a disposable vape can be a good way to explore various flavors. 

As an experiment, you may want to go with 1000 puffs first. This is to see whether you like the flavor and if it gives you the quick and smooth hit of nicotine that you desire.

Don't forget to consider the specification of the disposable pod, so that your vaping experience can still be enjoyable. Keep it at room temperature and in a safe container or in your pocket. A lower or higher temperature can damage your disposable and can cause leaking. No matter how long it'll last you, a good disposable will offer you more than just a reasonable price. It is packed with satisfaction and style that's all I can say about my experience 😎✨

Feel free to explore our collections of disposable vapes. In time you’ll find the right disposable for you. You can also find out more about our best-selling disposable vape in 2024.

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