Is Pod Vape Better than Disposable Vape?

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Vaping has been commonly understood as a safer alternative to quit smoking. A lot of people can completely let go of smoking through vaping. Some of the reasons are due to the wide range of flavor options of e-liquids and vape devices that can cater their needs. From vape mod for those who enjoy experimenting with the devices, to the easy to use disposable vapes and vape pods. Now let’s discuss if pod vape is better than disposable vape.

Disposable vapes have been around for some time. It gets the attention for its practicality, satisfaction and range of flavors. All you have to do is take it out of the packaging and draw it. Another option that offers practicality is pod vape. A pod vape is refillable and almost as easy to use as disposable vape. We discuss more about the latter in our post about best pod vapes in 2023. To help you make a better and more informed decision on whether to choose disposable vape or a pod vape, let’s dig deeper and read on 😉


As of June 2023, the New Zealand government has announced that they follow new vaping regulations in terms of disposable vapes use. This regulation focuses primarily on assuring no Kiwis youngsters are purchasing any vape products. The regulation may come to effect as per November 2023. To assure you still can make your smoking cessation effective and fulfill your nicotine needs, considering to use pod vape or vape mod may be good alternatives. 

Prior to this regulation, the Government has banned the use of any vaping products to minors (those people under 18 years old). To continue complying with these regulations and assuring customers' safety, VapeCloudNZ makes sure that those who purchase vaping products with us must be at least 18 years old. This has to be proven by showing their ID when they shop in store and by uploading a picture of their ID when they shop online.

Pod vape vs disposable vape: Maintenance and Cost

One obvious reason people go for disposable vapes is the convenience. It can be used instantly and with almost zero maintenance. You pop it out from the package and you’re good to go. When it comes to pod systems, you need to maintain it and buy the e-juice separately. After some time, you also need to purchase the cartridge and coils. 

If this is really your first time trying to quit smoking and you want to try vaping, a disposable vape is perfect for beginners. As it offers a good nicotine hit to satisfy your need and you don’t need to invest as much on a vape device.

But if you are a newbie in vaping, and still want to go all in with exploring the right vaping experience, a pod system (pod vape) is great too. According to research conducted with 889 participants in Ontario, Canada, 44.5% of those who vape using pod systems are more likely to quit smoking within a year. Having a great vaping experience can support and motivate users to quit smoking completely. A pod system offers another level of vaping experience. It sometimes comes with the freedom of adjusting airflow and choosing flavors and nicotine levels of your preference. 

When it comes to maintenance, some disposable vapes with puffs above 3000 may require you to charge the device daily. That’s the only thing you need to do with rechargeable disposable vapes. Majority of disposable batteries have battery capacity that’s enough to be used until the last puff. While pod devices require some maintenance like charging, changing cartridge and coils to assure your e-liquid is still enjoyable. 

These differences influence the cost you need to spend in order to have satisfying vaping. Initially a pod vape may cost you more compared to disposable. A disposable vape may only cost you $15 - $25 for up to 2000 puffs. This may last you for 3 days to a week. So approximately you may spend around $60 - $100 monthly depending on how often you hit it. 

various vape pods and mods and two bottles of eliquid

A pod system however, may initially cost you $35 - $60 and they usually come with one to two cartridges. Since you only need to throw away the cartridge and coil every week or every other week, in the long run pod vape will cost you way less. A pack of coil/cartridge containing 2-4 cartridges can cost you $15 - $25. This may suffice you for a month. Along with a bottle of 30mL e-liquid for a month, in general you may only need to spend around $50. Another option for pod vape is a closed pod that may cost you around $9.99 - $19.99 per 2 replacement pods (pre-filled with 2mL e-liquid). For a closed pod (non refillable pod system), you may spend a bit more, ranging from $40 to $80 depending how often you hit it.

Recommended disposable vape

IGET Bar - Up to 3500 puffs with huge range of flavors

four boxes of iget bar disposable vapes

Currently best-selling disposable vape in VapeCloud, available with over a dozen sweet and fruity flavors.

Recommended Refillable Pod

XROS 3 - Adjustable airflow, great performance and leak-proof

pink xros 3 by vaporesso and a bottle of zap aisu eliquid

XROS 3 is a great pod vape, with enduring battery performance and when it comes to cartridges, it is longer lasting and more leak-proof. The airflow adjustment is also easy to use, you just need to press the button to achieve desired vaping experience.


Recommended Closed Pod

RELX Pod Device - Has extensive range of replacement pod flavors, fast charging, and stylish

a black relx essential

RELX is our customers favorite so far. The range of RELX pod flavors is just undeniably tantalizing. 


Number of puffs, flavors and customization

Disposable vape may win in terms of e-liquid capacity. A disposable vape may hold up to 15mL e-liquid and that will deliver good 4000 puffs that you can enjoy for almost a month. While the majority of pod vapes only can hold up to 2mL e-liquid. With this much juice, you can get up to 300 to 500 puffs, this means you need to carry a bottle of e-liquid everywhere you go. A bit of hassle, we understand! 

Apart from the number of puffs, some people do prefer the flavors that disposable vape offers. Even if premium e-liquid in the market has a wide range of flavors and nicotine level, some disposable do have better tasting e-liquid that’s unavailable in the market. Some brands of disposable vapes that have a variety of flavors and most loved by our customers are IGET and Vozol.

While disposable vape has a similar nicotine level as e-liquid, vape pods offer more freedom of flavor notes depending on the coils you choose. For instance a higher range of coil, such as 1.2 Ohm, can get you a smoking like sensation in every hit. This assures you to get the most out of your vaping experience.

geekvape wenax h1 and two bottles of eliquid

Reusability of Vape Pod vs Disposable Vape

Well, it’s been known that disposable vape can’t be reused. Having to say that, this single-use vape device should be thrown away as soon as the e-liquid is finished. This may generate more electronic waste for the environment and must be treated carefully. Some complaints from vapers and non-vapers start coming as irresponsible vapers are throwing away their disposable vapes like cigarette-butts. 

Vape pod may last up to 2 years before you have to replace the device. This is definitely environmentally friendly and cost effective. 


Deciding on whether to choose a disposable vape and a vape pod really depends on what you need. A disposable vape is great for beginners because it requires no maintenance and it offers a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. Meanwhile, a vape pod is a great option for those who enjoy customizing their vaping experience. In the long run, a vape pod can save you a lot more money and if you are planning to quit smoking through vaping, using vape pods can help a big deal. Check our collection of disposable vape, refillable pods and closed pods and enter ENJOY10 in the promo code box at the checkout to get 10% OFF. 

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