Which is Better, Pod or Mod Vape?

Choosing a vape device that matches your vaping style or to help you transition from smoking to vaping can be a bit of a homework. Especially if you do not have many people that give you sound and satisfying recommendations.

There are a lot of vape devices in the market and when it comes to the best device, it is mostly based on preference. So, knowing what you need and want are important to help you pick your vape device. Each device caters to different needs, let's get to know each one to help you find what you need.


Vape Mod, the ideal device for cloud chasers

Vape Mod or simply Mod or Mod Box is a vape device that's generally bigger than any other vaporizers. It is also longer lasting and more powerful. It has the box mod and batteries that power your device, an atomizer that turns your e-liquid to vapour and the top "mouthpiece" is a drip tip with which you withdraw the vapour.

parts of vape mod

Vape mod is modifiable, and has many parts that are open for vapers to explore and experiment to find their own preference. You can change the battery, the tank, atomizer and the coil. That means you have more control over your vaping experience, and this at a cost of slightly more expensive tools and accessories.

Vape mod uses SubOhm technology that has high power wattage, making it ideal to generate bigger and thicker clouds. Vape mod is more suitable for freebase nicotine liquid, that has 0mg to 6mg nicotine levels. Having to say that, vape mod is more suitable for those who are not vaping to find nicotine hits similar to that of smoking. If you want to vape to socialise and/or do vape tricks, vape mod is for you.

some vape pods and mod vapes on board

How much does a vape mod cost?

A vape mod can cost around $60 to $130. Depending on what product and features you are after. For the customisable parts like drip tip, tank, coils, cottons, each may cost around $19 to $30. Although it seems more expensive in the beginning, vape mod is longer lasting and modifiable to meet your preference. On average you can spend around $150 for a mod and some accessories.


Our Best Selling Vape Mod in 2022

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 (L200) Kit

five geekvape aegis l200 vape mods

Aegis line-up has been many vapers' favourites. Our customers especially love Geekvape Aegis Legend 2. This kit from Geekvape is exceptionally durable and leak proof. Like most Geekvape mods, Legend 2 is dust and water resistant.

It is a longer lasting device and high performing device. Not to mention Aegis Legend 2 stylish design, its leather and strong body is adding up to the beastness of this device. Geekvape Aegis is equipped with Boosting Mode that automatically selects max output for max cloud. Allows you to have a better vaping experience with delicious flavour and big clouds.

Vape Pod (refillable pods and closed pods)

Vapers favourite device when it comes to delivering nicotine and throat hits similar to that of smoking. Vape pod or simply Pod is a good fit if you are just transitioning from smoking. Vape pod has high power and low temperature, making it ideal for salt nicotine e-liquids.

Every vape pod is the same, it is compact and lightweight. Especially when it is compared to Mods. There are two types of vape pods in the market, the refillable pods and closed pods. Refillable pods usually can hold 2ml - 5ml e-liquid of your choice. The benefits of refillable pod is of course its longer lasting pod/cartridge and wider range of liquid flavour exploration. The cartridge of a refillable pod usually can last you a month on average. This of course can be different from person to person. If you are an avid vaper who vapes often throughout the day, you may need to change it more frequently. If you want to find out more about choosing e-liquid, you can read our last article about choosing e-liquid.

uwell koko caliburn

When it comes to practicality, a closed pod may be a vape device of your choice. Closed pod device comes with a prefilled pod/cartridge from which you get your vape juice. It usually comes with 2ml to 3ml liquid that may last you about 2-3 days depending on your vaping habit. When it comes to replacing the pod, you just need to place it on the device and you can hit it again. This lessens the chance of liquid leakage.

alt. pod, vuse pod and typhoon pod starter kits

A pack of closed pods usually have two pods with around 2ml to 3ml e-liquids. Unlike refillable pods, with this vape pod you can only explore juice flavours from pods produced by the same brand of the device. Thus, the option is limited compared to that of refillable pods. If you have found favourite liquid with right amount nicotine hit, this will not be an issue though 😉

How much does a vape pod cost?

So you know the difference between refillable and closed pods, now how much do they cost?

A refillable pod can cost you on average $45 and with a 10 mL e-liquid, it may cost you an additional $15. A 10-mL bottle may last you two weeks to one month depending on how often you refill your pod. As for the replacement pod that you need to change every other month, it will cost you $15 - $20 per pack of replacement pods.

A closed pod is around $10 to $40. Some of the famous brands are Vuse, RELX and alt. Pod. They offer a pack of replacement pods with the price ranging from $10 to $20. Each pack has 2 pods included with approximately 2 mL nicsalt liquid per pod. Depending on how often you hit it, a pack of replacement pods may last you on average a week.

In general, these two types of pods work the same way. Offering practicality, reasonable price and satisfaction. Once you have invested in the device, you only need to spend for e-liquid and replacement cartridge for refillable pod device, and for prefilled pod for closed pod device.

Our Best Selling Vape Pod in 2022

Refillable pod: UWELL Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

six colours of caliburn a2

This vape pod is getting its deserving status as best selling vape pod of 2022 in Vapecloud. Caliburn A2 is a long lasting device powered by 520 mAh that can last you a day of satisfying, velvety clouds. Not to mention it is a fast charging device as well. Less than an hour and you'll get the puffs going again in full power. Equipped with PRO-FOCS that delivers authentic flavours of your e-juice. UWELL Caliburn A2 is a favourite because of its incredible features, stylish design and reasonable price. With $49 you'll get a Caliburn A2 pod kit in your pocket.

Closed pod: RELX Essential Pod

three colours of RELX Essential

One of our customers' favourite brands. RELX comes as a best selling closed pod device not without reason. It is affordable, long lasting and has a huge range of pre-filled pods in over a dozen flavours.

RELX essential pod has the same features as its successor, RELX Infinity pod. It is lightweight, pocket friendly, and comes with a leak resistant maze. RELX Essential pod can be used by vapers of all levels. It is draw activated and zero hassle of settings. The replacement pods are available in nicotine levels of 35 mg to 50 mg. Catering to the need of experienced vapers and those transitioning from smoking. It will cost you $8,99 for an Essential Pod Device and $10 for a pack of replacement pods.


So, is vape pod better than vape mod? If you need a higher nicotine hit to help you transition from smoking, then vape pod is for you. It also offers the benefit of practicality and reasonable price. You can get a decent vape pod and a bottle of e-liquid or a pack of pre-filled pods for only $50.

When it comes to vaping to socialise, vape tricks or customising vape devices, vape mod may be ideal for you. It may cost you over $100, but having more control of your vaping experience is certainly adding more satisfaction.

Any vape device you choose can elevate your vaping experience, with better features you will surely enjoy it more. If you are wondering which vape device is for you, feel free to reach out to us or directly explore them yourself in our collection of refillable pods and mods as well as closed pods. Happy vaping!

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