Types and Differences of Vape Coils

Have you ever looked at a lineup of vape coils and wonder, what are the differences between these coils? As a first time vaper maybe you are only going after the vape devices that your friends or acquaintances have recommended to you. And after sometime, maybe you just want to know more and better, so that you can experience better vaping. 

Knowing which vape coil to buy for your device is important as it will affects the taste, clouds and satisfaction of your vaping journey. So, to make yours more interesting and satisfying, let's buckle down to discuss which type of coils that will help you create better and smoother transition to stop smoking.


two black boxes of SMOK coils

What is a vape coil?

In a very simple way, vape coils are a really important component in vape devices. Coils are made of wire and wrapped around some cotton. Stainless steel is the most common material for these wires. Some other common vape coils are made of kanthal, titanium and ceramic. When it comes to coil, what they do is pretty straightforward. They do to your device is basically they heat up the liquid inside and turn it into vapor. 

Every brand has their own coils with certain specifications that make each coil not interchangeable even if you have similar vape device from different brand. And, even if you are buying coil from same brand as your device, you have to make sure you've got the right specification. 

Some experienced vapers who use mod kits sometimes make their own coils. They buy special wires and their favorite wick material. Then, they wrap the wire tightly, fit it into their vape kit, and put the wicking material through it. For this you need a set of tools that may require more knowledge of the device and of course the tools and materials you are using. 

These people usually find joy in assembling their own coils, because they have more control of the flavor and vapor they want to create. If this is your first time vaping, it is easier to to purchase closed vape pods. Their pods usually already have coils pre-installed, some of the brands are RELX, Mevol, Bud vape pod and IGET Bar Plus


Other name for vape coils

Some people use different names to refer to vape coils, some use atomizer or just use coil to refer to vape coils. And then, there is another term, atomizer heads.

What are atomizer heads? It basically converts energy from your vape device battery then heats up the coil inside. Because of this process, your e-liquid gets vaporized and you can draw the flavorful and dense cloud from your device.

There are three parts of these atomizer heads. First off, you've got the main body. It's like the outer shell that hooks up to your tank and makes sure everything stays in place.

Then, there's the coil. This little wire heats up when you hit the button, turning your e-liquid into vapor. Sometimes you'll even see it glow red when it's heating up. Lastly, there's the wicking material. This soak up your e-liquid like a sponge and feeds it to the coil when you take a puff. For you to be able to get the vapor you want, you need to wait for few minutes to allow the e-liquid to be soaked up to the cotton or any soaking material in this part.


Some vape coil configurations

When it comes to vape coils, there's a lot to consider. You've got different brands and models, each with their own coil setups. Some kits even come with multiple coils, which can affect battery usage - especially for Sub-Ohm vapers who love tinkering with coils.

Every vape coil comes in all sorts of configurations - single-coil, dual-coil, quad-coil, you name it! For the first time hearing it, you may get even a slight headache to find a good one that you need.

Basically, the number of coils determines how much vapor and flavor you get. A single-coil has one wick and one wire, while a dual-coil doubles that, heating up the e-liquid together. Understanding these differences helps you pick the right coil for your vaping style. 

a box of vaporesso gti coil

What is Ohmage in vape coils?

Ohmage indicates the resistance of the coil. It is a very important thing in vape coils. When you purchase a coil with ohmage less than 1.0 ohm, e.g. 0.4 ohm or 0.5 ohm, is known for sub Ohm coils. These coils don't have much resistance of power from the device, thus vape coil from this ohm range can create bigger and denser vapor.

Sub Ohm coil

The Sub Ohm coil is also soaked more often in e-liquid with higher VG ratio (check on this blog post to know which best e-liquid for your device). And because they are exposed to higher power with less or no resistance, these coils have shorter life span. Sub Ohm coils is also known as low resistance coils. 

Generally a Sub Ohm coil can last for 2 to 3 weeks, if you don't change them on time, don't be surprised if your e-liquid tastes like burnt caramel or even bitter.

Another name of Sub Ohm coil is DL coil, or "direct-to-lung". Sub ohm coil generally bigger with thicker cotton or soaking material. Thus it's common for you to wait a bit longer for your e-liquid to wet the cotton before you can use them.

To make this easier, some Sub Ohm coils use mesh strips to really allow faster and more even e-liquid distribution and amp up the vapor production. One of the vape products  you want to check for this DL style is Geekvape Aegis Legend 2.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) coil

There are also coils with higher resistance, like the 1.2 ohm, 1.5 ohm coils. These can be categorized as a Mouth-to-Lung coil or also known as MTL. It provides much more resistance to the power that goes through them, this will create lesser vapor compare to Sub Ohm coil.

They feature a tight draw and low power output, ideal for higher nicotine e-liquids. Vape pods like Vaporesso XROS 3 and Geekvape Wenax Q are some that are included in MTL vaping style. Unlike Sub Ohm coil, the MTL coil usually has longer lifespan, and these coils are also known as higher resistance coils


What are vape coils made of?

Let's talk about vape coil materials – there's quite a range out there. The wire coil inside your vape can be made from various metals, each affecting vaping experience differently. If you are using refillable vape pods with separate coils to purchase, you can check the materials written on the box. This is to make sure that the next time you buy coil, you know which one is your preference.

One of the common coil materials is s tainless steel. It is like Swiss Army knife of coil materials. It is versatile to handle wattage and temperature control modes. Another one worth mentioning is Kanthal. It is made of a mix of metals that just work together like a dream. Both are widely use in vape coils in many famous vape brands.

One that may not be as often mention is Nichrome. It is a bit snappier in heating up, perfect for those who love their sub-ohm vaping. Any material used in your coil affects everything from flavor to longevity. While metal coils heat up quickly, they might have some health concerns. Glass coils keep flavors pure but can get dirty and gunky over time. And ceramic coils? Well, they're the low-maintenance champs, keeping your vape clean and tasty. So it is always important to match your coil to your vape to keep things running smoothly.


 boxes of geekvape coils



Having a bit of knowledge on vape coils of your device can help you create a better vaping experience. Paying attention to the materials and resistances of your products allow you to understand your preference and most enjoyable vaping style. If you have enjoyed the flavor and nicotine hit, exploring more on coils and the vaping journey itself may allow you to finally leave smoking all together and have a better option than smoking.

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