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Al Fakher

Al Fakher Premium Quick Lighting Charcoal 10 Pcs

Al Fakher Premium Quick Lighting Charcoal 10 Pcs

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AL FAKHER QUick Lighting charcoal perfect for Hookah Shisha!

The excellent quality of Al Fakher premium quick-light coals offer you fast lighting and less odor coals when lit (compare other coals).

They come in the form of coal pellets 33mm in diameter. Al Fakher coals are coated with a layer of self-lighting that allows to light the coal with a simple lighter with just few seconds. So, you don't have to wait longer for your Shisha! ;)

Purchase this with Al-Fakher Hookah Flavour 50mg to create even better hookah experience. 


  • 100 coals in 10 individual rolls
  • 33mm diameter
  • Odorless 
  • Smokeless
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