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ALT Replacement Pod 2-pack

ALT Replacement Pod 2-pack

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Wide variety of alt. pod flavours in your preferred nicotine strength

The alt. Replacement Pod 2-pack is here to meet your nicotine need. It is Available in 0%, 2% and 4% nicotine level, you can pick any strength you desired and get your puff going again.

Known for it's easy to use pod device, alt. pods offers you assortment of flavours from the fruity, icy to the tobacco. One alt pod can give you around 300 puffs, that's almost 1,5 pack of cigarettes.

With eight of their mint variants, three tobacco variants and the icy and fruity variants, you can almost feel like in an endless exploration of premium vape juice flavours from alt. pod. 

Please note that the alt replacement pods are only compatible with the alt device.


  • Size: 1,5ml nicsalt in a pod
  • Nicotine strength: 0%, 2% and 4% 
  • Every pack consists of 2 pods


Enjoy the wide range of alt. Replacement Pod 2-pack flavours throughout your day.

Tobacco variants: Gold Tobacco, Smooth Tobacco, Silver Tobacco.

Mint variants: Menthol Ice, Spearmint, Garden Mint, Aqua Mint, Sweet Mint, Arctic Mint, Fresh Mint, Peppermint.

Fruity variants: Guava Ice, Boysenberry, Watermelon, Watermelon Ice, Peach Ice, Mango, Grape Mint, Pineapple, Strawberry Ice, Vanilla, Mango Ice.

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