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JERK E-liquid 60ml - 0/3mg

JERK E-liquid 60ml - 0/3mg

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Indulge in Lush Flavour of JERK E-Liquid

Taste the yummy dessert flavours of JERK e-liquid. A shortfill of 50mL vape juice in 60mL bottle, you can add in your nicotine shot as desired. JERK e-liquid is bringing the real taste of your favourite desserts in every puff. With 70 VG : 30 PG ratio, this vape juice will surely be a desired liquid to get your clouds going with real pleasure. Taste the creamy, the yummy and the sweetness of JERK E-liquid throughout.

Also available JERK Salts with 20mg nicotine salt.

  • Size: 50mL shortfill in 60mL bottle
  • Ratio: 70VG:30PG
  • Nicotine level: 0mg and 3mng



JERK Banoffee e-liquid is an indulgent inhale of sweet and creamy frosted toffee, filled with a sublime moments worth of delicious caramelized bananas. A retro vape juice perfectly nostalgic for the unmistakable flavour that's been a favourite dessert of dessert lovers around the globe for centuries!

Apple Pie

JERK Apple Pie is the perfect replica of fresh baked apple pie filled with gooey culinary apples. Our masterful flavour hits you with fresh baked crust that serves as a welcoming gift to all stealth vapers and dessert connoisseurs alike who seek luxurious flavours. A great e-liquid blend to satisfy your sweet tooth every once in a while.

Berry Cream

A secret blend of berries swirled into our cream it will immediately appeal those who love desert blends. Each bottle is designed to deliver a hint of vanilla upon the inhale, followed by next level mouth feel, in order to not only please your senses but your self-worth. Go on, you deserve a treat.

Peach Rings

JERK Peach Rings e-liquid is a peach flavoured gummy candy so tasty you could almost chew it. A perfect addition to any vape collection, these great value liquids are ideal for inhaling during the day or just for satisfying an occasional sweet tooth.


A flavour like no other, our JERK Butterscotch e-liquid will make you think about that first camping trip with your dad after a rainy day spent building your new hut in the backyard. As the real butterscotch flavour hits each taste bud and joins with sweet sugars, a trail of nostalgia and memories flies through your mind.

Size : 60ml

Nicotine : 0/3mg

70% VG / 30% PG

Please leave a note if you desire a higher nicotine strength

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