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ZAP! AISU 60ml - 3mg

ZAP! AISU 60ml - 3mg

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Enjoy the Delicate and Authentic Flavours of Japan with Zap! Aisu

Give a try to the luscious flavours of Zap! AISU. Bringing you the unique taste of Japan. Sweet to the taste buds and smooth in every puff. This Zap! AISU is the freebase e-liquid you'll enjoy to create your velvety clouds with.

Experience the journey of Japanese countryside, with sweet (and sour) of your Aisu E-liquid. Also available Zap! Aisu nicsalt in 30mL bottle.


  • Size: 60ml
  • Nicotine level: 3mg
  • PG 70 / VG 30


Aloe vera: Experience the water's current as you drift through the warm countryside, accompanied by the sweet (and sour) scent of spring bloom and the cool touch of the river. Our unique Aloe Vera flavor will take you on a journey.

Dragon Fruit: As you savor the delicate fruit of the giant serpent, feel the cold wind filling your lungs. Embark on a skyward journey with our authentic dragon fruit flavor.

Cactus: Refresh your senses with the cool exotic flavor from the guardian of the desert as you breathe in the essence of the desert. Our cactus flavor encapsulates everything an explorer needs in a smooth, cool taste.

Pink Guava: Ascend the pink blossom tree, inhaling the sweet and tangy scent of the ripest fruit at its peak, then exhale for a smooth ice blast as you descend. Our authentic Pink Guava flavor promises to unveil the changing seasons.

Green Apple: Roam through the orchard in the bright yellow light of dawn and refresh your senses with the fresh taste of spring. With our Green Apple flavor, you can wander for days.

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