3 Best Closed Pod Vapes that Don’t Break The Bank

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Content is reviewed and updated on 22nd May 2024.

Nowadays vapers are offered dozens of options of pod systems with an extensive range of flavours and nicotine levels. A pod system also known as pod vape is very easy to use and requires minimum maintenance similar to disposable vapes. With just a pod vape and a replacement pod, you can have a blissful and flavourful vaping experience anywhere and anytime. 

Disclaimer: Disposable vapes are banned in New Zealand as of 2024. Vapers can still use other vape devices with child-lock features. Vape juices' flavour and nicotine strengths will also be limited. The use of vaping as a smoking cessation strategy can still be used. 

There are a lot of closed pods in the market, and now let’s dig into details of the best closed pods that won’t break the bank ;) we selected these vape pods based on the price, battery performance and of course flavours and satisfaction.

Best Closed Vape Pods Highlights

Vuse ePod 2

  • Price per pod system: $9.99
  • Price per pack of replacement pod: $14.99 (2 pods per pack - $7.49 per replacement pod) 
  • Flavour options: 22 flavours
  • Pro: 
   - Fast charging (35 mins can charge up to 80% battery)
   - Option of Freebase and Nicsalt vape juice 
   - Water-resistant pod system
   - Can be vaped while charging
  • Con: 
  - Some flavours are too sweet (subjective) 
  - The vape recycling program requires you to order a RePod bag from       their website


    Alt. Closed Pod

    • Price per pod system (battery only): $19.99 | alt. Pod Starter kit: $39.99
    • Price per pack of replacement pods: $19.99 (2 pods per pack - $9.99 per pod) 
    • Flavour options: 8 flavours
    • Pro: 
    - Available in 0%, 2% and 2.85% nicotine strength 
    - A replacement device (battery only) is available 
    - Have a sleek and elegant design
      • Con: 
      - Nothing as of now


      • Price per pod system: RELX essential $10 | RELX Infinity and Infinity 2 $35
      • Price per pack of replacement pod: $10 (1 pod per pack) 
      • Flavour options: Up to 20 flavours
      • Pros: 
      - Different options for pod vapes
      - A wider range of flavours
      - Fast charging and longer-lasting
      - Sleek and stylish design
        • Cons:
        - Some flavours are not as rich and flavourful

          Vuse ePod 2

          When it comes to budget-friendly vape pods, the Vuse ePod 2 stands out. Priced at just $9.99, it offers a sleek design and a fast-charging device. Plus, it comes with a wide variety of flavours to choose from, making it a great deal for vapers.

          If you’re after a stylish design and exciting flavours, the Vuse ePod 2 is a perfect choice. With both Freebase and Nicsalt pods available, you can pick the throat hit that suits you best. Thanks to its ceramic heating technology, every puff is smooth and full of flavour.

          a black box and a black color vuse epod2

          The simplicity of the ePod 2 is its strong suit, although its fast-charging battery sets it apart. Initially, it might seem a bit inexpensive compared to other vape pods, but don’t let that fool you. Its performance is anything but cheap.

          One of our favourite flavours is Ice Mango, which blends sweet, creamy mango with a hint of refreshing mint. Using it regularly, about 3-5 puffs every hour, the Vuse ePod can last around one and a half days. It really delivers on its promise of great taste and a satisfying hit.

          Each Vuse Replacement pod can last up to 950 puffs, though we haven’t counted every puff ourselves. The range of flavours and nicotine levels available means there’s something for everyone. The device consistently delivers flavorful and satisfying hits.

          At $14.99 for a pack of two replacement pods, each pod costs around $7.49. This is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes and lasts us 4-6 days. The Vuse ePod 2 offers a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience, proving that not all pod systems are the same.

          Specifications of Vuse ePod 2:

          • Price: $9.99
          • Replacement Pods: $14.99 for a pack of two
          • Delivery: Puff activated
          • Pod Size: 1.9ml
          • Nicotine strength: 1.6% and 2.5%
          • Charging Time: 35 minutes from zero to 80%, with all-day battery life
          • Battery: 350 mAh
          • Weight: 23.6g
          • Heating System: Ceramic heating

          alt. Pod Vape

          The New Zealand brand pod system, alt. pod vape. That one brand that promises huge satisfaction with minimum hassle. The alt pod vape is stylish, simple and feather-weight. We love the various flavours of alt replacement pods with various nicotine strengths. 

          alt. Pods have got sweet, and flavourful vape juices in every pack of its replacement pod. It uses the patented FEELM coil that can deliver velvety and consistent clouds in every puff. Despite that, the alt. is hassle-free and still discreet. Well, honestly, we prefer alt. Pod to Vuse when it comes to flavour. Then again, we understand that when it comes to flavour, it is basically very personal and objective. 

          The alt. vape device comes with a 350mAh battery, which can last an entire day on a full charge. We have no complaints about this stylish device from VAPO—it's both pocket-friendly and comfortable to use, just as promised.

          The alt. pods offer a versatile starter kit that includes a battery and two replacement pods. You can also opt for just the pod and battery. With the standalone option, you can mix and match flavours and nicotine strengths, while the starter kit comes in mint and tobacco flavours.

          The alt. A pod is a smart and easy pod system you can use if this is your first time vaping. For us personally, because of its many options of nicotine level, alt. Pod is a good option for those who want to transition from smoking to vaping. They are offering 0%, 2%, and 2.85% nicotine. So if you really aim to stop smoking through vaping and eventually stop vaping, alt. Pod can be your go-to option. 

          As of this article is written a pack of alt. Replacement pods with 2 pods per pack is $19.99 which means it is $9.99 per pod. Same as Vuse and every other replacement pod out there, alt. Pod only pre-filled with 1.5mL vape juice. So one pod may last you like a pack of cigarettes (Depends on how often you hit it though). 

          the peach mint flavor alt. nu pod

          When comparing the alt. Pod and the alt. Nu Pod, one notable difference lies in their coil technology. While both pods offer a convenient pre-filled design and compatibility with alt. Devices, the alt. Nu Pod features the innovative FEELM Max Coil. This coil, with its cotton-free ceramic core, enhances flavour intensity and vapour production compared to the previous generation FEELM Inside ceramic coils found in the classic alt. Pods. This technological advancement ensures a more satisfying vaping experience with each puff.

          Price per pod system (battery only): $19.99 | alt. Pod Starter kit: $39.99

          Price per pack of replacement pod: $19.99 (2 pods per pack - $9.99 per pod) 

          Specification of alt. Pod:

          • Delivery: Puff Activated
          • Pod Size: 1.9mL
          • Nicotine Strength: 0%, 2%, and 2.85%
          • Charging Time: Type-C cable
          • Battery: 350 mAh
          • Coil: FEELM coil


          RELX Pod Vape

          RELX is the pod vape of millions of people. Having dozens of pod flavours, RELX delivers more than just regular vaping. To us personally, RELX provides satisfaction, style and technology. It’s all in one go for a pod vape. 

          You can choose from three different pod systems, the Essential, Infinity and Artisan. Different pod system also comes with different features and technology, but overall they always give good performance 

          You can choose one RELX pod vape based on your needs and style. These are unlike VUSE or alt. Pod which only has one option of the pod system. If you are just looking for the practical use of it, the RELX Essential is enough to get your puff going. 

          But if you want a bit of fancy features and a longer-lasting device, the RELX Infinity and Artisan are good options as both offer 380mAh and 440 mAh batteries. When it comes to design, this brand will never let us down. Always presenting top-notch sleek and ergonomic design, making sure your vaping experience is smoother and more enjoyable. 

          With the RELX Infinity and Infinity 2, you’ll get more battery power, fast charging, and options of power adjustment for your vaping mode preference (specifically for Infinity 2). All devices can use the RELX replacement pods so you don’t need to hassle to find the right pod for you. However, compared to VUSE, some RELX replacement pods are not as flavourful and not as sweet, so if you prefer the sweeter and refreshing vape juices, the VUSE may be your go-to. 

          RELX replacement pods come in two types: regular Pod and Pod Pro. The type you choose affects the flavour you get with each draw. The RELX Pod Pro offers better flavour and a smoother hit. With over 30 flavours and two nicotine levels (1.8% and 3%), there’s something for everyone.

          Personally, at Vapecloud we find the Pod Pro delivers richer vapour and superior flavour. It’s perfectly balanced—not too sweet or too strong. Each puff provides a satisfying and full-bodied hit. If you’re looking for a stylish, sleek, and seamless vaping device for your first experience, we highly recommend RELX.

          Price per pod system: RELX essential $10 | RELX Infinity and Infinity 2 $35

          Price per pack of replacement pod: $10 (1 pod per pack) 

          Features of RELX:

          • Delivery: Puff Activated
          • Pod Size: 1.9mL
          • Battery: 350 mAh for Essential | 380 mAh for Infinity | 440mAh for Infinity 2
          • Weight: 23.6g
          • Heating System - Ceramic and cotton


          Other options of reasonable price pod vapes

          Apart from those three, there are a few other closed pod systems that you may enjoy. These are based on their range of flavours and of course their reasonable price. If you are only after the easiness of closed pod systems, these devices are other good options for you.

          Bud Pod Kit

          The Bud Pod Kit is great for new vapers or anyone wanting to try different flavours. One popular flavour is Strawberry Kiwifruit, which mixes sweet strawberry with tangy kiwifruit, giving it a sorbet-like finish. Each puff provides a tasty and satisfying experience that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The bud pod kit comes with everything you need to start vaping right away, making it easy and convenient to use.

          This vape kit is also eco-friendly because you can recycle the pods through a special program in New Zealand. Safety is important too, as the device has a lock to keep kids from using it. When you’re done with a pod, just replace it with a new Bud Refilled Pod and choose from a variety of flavours like Lemon Lime, Watermelon Mint, Grape Mint, and Sour Apple. This makes vaping enjoyable and easy, with lots of flavours to explore.

          Price per pod system: $24.99

          Price per pack of replacement pod: $24.99 (2 pods per pack - $12.49 per pod) 

          Features and specifications of Bud Pod Kit:

          • 4000 puffs in a pod
          • Child lock mechanism
          • Battery indicator digital display
          • Coil: Integrated Mesh coil
          • E-liquid capacity: 7.0ml - 28mg
          • Battery: 500mAh
          • Charging: USB-Type C

          Juicy Bar JB7000 Pro

          The Juicy Bar JB7000 Pro Disposable pods are an excellent choice for vapers who want both convenience and high performance. This device is designed to offer a satisfying vaping experience with its well-thought-out design and high-quality build. It's perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their favourite flavours without any hassle.

          juicy bar hybrid disposable vape

          One of the main advantages of the Juicy Bar JB7000 Pro is its long-lasting usage, allowing vapers to enjoy extended sessions without interruptions. This makes it a great option for both seasoned vapers and beginners who want a straightforward, reliable vaping solution. Overall, it's a top-notch product that delivers a smooth and enjoyable experience every time. Juicy Bar JB7000 Pro Prefilled Pod has various flavours like Grapes, Mango, Mint Strawberry and many more.

          Price per pod system: $15

          Price per pack of replacement pod: $15 

          Features of Juicy Bar JB7000 Pro:

          • Delivery: Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
          • Pod Size: 14mL - 3% nicotine strength
          • Resistance coil: 1.20 Ohm
          • Child Safe Lock: press the button 3 times to lock/unlock the device
          • Battery: 550mAh
          • Charging: Type C Rechargeable Battery 


          There are obviously dozens of closed pods in the market. Each has something different to offer to you despite their practical use. Some may offer you not just satisfying nicotine hits but also a journey of flavours and styles with many variations of accessories that you can mix and match based on your preference. 

          VUSE, alt. Pod and RELX make it to our top three lists of closed pod systems for their incredible features of flavours and/or devices. Of course, this post is still based on our preferences and how our customers also responded to the products. We genuinely hope that either one of these devices can help you make a successful journey to transition from smoking to vaping.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          • What is stealth vaping and how do you do it?

          Stealth vaping is discreet vaping. It means using your vape without being noticed. You use smaller, low-power devices that fit in your hand. You also use high-PG e-liquid and vape in a way that reduces the amount of vapour you exhale. Stealth vaping means vaping without being noticed. It's easy if you have the right equipment, e-liquid, and technique.

          To vape quietly without being noticed, follow these tips. Use a small vape that fits in your hand and covers any lights. Inhale gently to avoid making a lot of vapour, then breathe in air and hold it for 10-15 seconds before you exhale. You can also try swallowing the vapour before exhaling to make it less visible. When you exhale, purse your lips or blow downward to hide the vapour.

          • Which e-liquid is best for vape pods?

          The best e-liquid for vape pods is typically one with a VG:PG ratio of 50:50. This balance works well because vape pods are designed for lower power and have coils and airflow systems that handle this thinner consistency effectively.

          Nicotine salts (NicSalts) are particularly recommended for vape pods. They provide a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine delivery, which can be more satisfying for those trying to switch from smoking. Regular 10ml freebase nicotine e-liquids also work well in vape pods.

          These types of e-liquids ensure that the device performs optimally, delivering a good flavour and vapour production. For such experience you can check out our collection of E-Liquid at VapecloudNZ.

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