Exclusive Vape and E-liquid Sale

VapeCloud is thrilled to announce that we have some of the best deals this 2024! 

To begin the year and supporting you to make successful transition to vaping, here we will offer you few vape sale of our best selling items. 

Vape Sale of 2024 - Vape Pod

IGET Bar Plus Special Vape Sale

The beginning of 2024, we start with a vape sale of IGET Bar Plus. This vape device works as simple as any other vape pods. With extra puffs of up to 6000 puffs, get ready to taste the succulent flavour of IGET Bar Plus. When it comes to flavour, it is as good as the famous IGET Bar disposable vape the launched previously. This time, with more flavour options and safer vape device (Equipped with child lock), 

 To redeem this vape sale, you just need to add any IGET Bar Plus prefilled pod to the cart. The discount will be automatically applied at the check out.

iget bar plus on sale add to cart

HAIZ Replacement Pod Vape Sale

Another awesome vape sale is for the HAIZ replacement pods! 🥳🙌🏼 For every purchase of 5 HAIZ Pods, you'll get one HALF price! 

You can pick any flavour you like, add 5 HAIZ Replacement pods to your cart and  promo will be applied automatically. Now you can enjoy more flavorful vaping experience with less price.

haiz replacement pods on sale


Experience flavourful HAIZ with even more satisfying deal 😉 


Vape Sale: Caliburn G3 Vape Pod 

 uwell caliburn g3 vapes

The new beast from UWELL Caliburn, The Caliburn G3 is now ONLY $75 including the sweet, tantalising flavour of REDS Apple e-liquid. As of now, Caliburn G3 is still one of the best vape pods from UWELL that delivers smoother draw, while maintaining pure flavour of the e-liquid. 

To redeem this promo, you just need to add the Caliburn G3 of your choice to cart and then pick any flavour of REDS Apple you want. Discount will be automatically applied at the check out. 


 caliburn g3 and 7daze reds apple bundle promo

For those who especially waiting for e-liquid sale, here goes! We hear you! 🕺🏻😉 you can get up to 50% OFF on selection of our best selling e-liquids

 E-liquid Sale

Various best selling e-liquids are on sale with up to 50% OFF. They are varied from the freebase e-liquids to the stronger hit of nicotine salts e-liquids.

two bottles of e-liquids on clearance sale

 Pick and choose your favourite e-liquids, from famous brand like Coastal Clouds and Vapetasia to the UK famous Nasty e-liquid. Check out more E-liquid on sale.

 As usual, all you need to redeem the promo is just to add product on cart and discount will be automatically applied at the checkout 😉

Calculating your Vape Spending

Let's make it even more easy for you now. Calculate how much you'll be spending after making a purchase of the vape products on sale and compare it with how much you usually spend 😉 let's check it out!

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Vape Product Spending Calculator





We understand that exploring flavour and trying out new devices can be daunting and may cost a lot, especially for new vapers. You can pick and choose the vape devices that are reasonably priced and maximise any vape sales you can find like this one!

But hey! We will still suggest you look into the quality of vape products and if you'll enjoy the flavour of the vape juices. Because finding delightful flavour of e-liquids will surely motivate you to make successful smoking cessation. Check out more vape products on sale at VapeCloud.


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