The Best New Vape Starter Kits 2024

Starting out your journey to stop smoking can be confusing if you don't know which vape starter kit to use. There are many brands in the market and sure, not everything can fit your preference and style. We've selected some new vape starter kits you can choose that hopefully can cater your needs. Some of our recommendations of the best starter kits are alt. pod kit, Airscream Airspop Kit, and VUSE Go Reload. Vape pods like these usually require less maintenance, thus it’s great for vapers in all levels.

The starter kits are here because they are proven to deliver great taste and definitely some of our customers' favorites. The kits here may not be completely brand new devices, but an upgraded version of the previous vape devices with proven credibility for vapers. Without further ado, let's get into our blog post.


Best new vape starter kits at a glance

Alt. Vape Pod


  • Integrated FEELM Max ceramic coil, provides better vapor and flavor consistency compared to the previous version
  • Sleeker compared to other new vape pods
  • Fast charging device
  • Reasonable price for replacement pods


  • The alt. Device has less battery mAh compared to other brands
  • Some flavors are not as rich in flavor

Airscream Airspops Vape Pod


  • Bigger battery capacity and puff counts
  • Well balanced sweet and coolness in every puff
  • Reasonable price for replacement pod - cheaper than the rest of those in the list


  • Not as pocket friendly because its cylindrical shape

VUSE Go Reload Vape Pod


  • More extensive range of flavors and nicotine strength
  • More refreshing flavor of Mint
  • Longer lasting pod vape device
  • Fairly light and pocket friendly


  • Taking a bit long to be fully charged
  • It tastes slightly different than the previous VUSE vape pen
  • When kept in a bag or purse, sometimes the button can be turned on easily

Best Starter Kits in Depth

All the vape goodies out there are enjoyable for any vapers, yet it’s also fun to try out new devices. Some of these vapes are not entirely new, but with hints of familiarity in every puff, sure these new vape starter kits are worth the attention.

Alt. Vape Pod New Edition

someone holds a vape pod

The famous alt. vape from VAPO is upgrading the quality and style. Bringing all the good stuff ever since the New Zealand new vaping regulations. As an NZ brand, alt. vape is catering the needs of NZ vapers. With this new device, they are not only updating the alt device look but also its coil and performance. 

What we love about this new device is the enhanced flavor of their alt pod and alt nu pod. With the FEELM Max ceramic coil, the flavor profile of each pod is delicately highlighted. Not too much, but just right to get enjoyable vapor and satisfying nicotine hits. Quoting from the official FEELM Max website, the FEELM Max ceramic coil can deliver stable vaping and over 95% vapor consistency. Not only that, this technology can improve taste consistency by up to 35%. Well, no wonder that the alt. vape pod device wins great flavor consistency with this new technology, we just love the flavor notes of their e-liquid pods!

When it comes to devices, alt maintains its sleek and stylish design. We personally love the feeling of holding it in our hand. It is lightweight and perfect for discreet vaping. Adding a battery indicator, it’s making it even easier to know how much battery we’ve got left.

The battery is sure not as much as VUSE or AirsPops, but it is just enough to get through your day. With fast charging technology, you literally no need to worry about running out of battery. The familiarity of convenience from the previous alt device is still very intact in this new edition. Just slide in the pod and draw it, very seamless and smooth to use. Whether you prefer a refreshing and chilling hit of vapor to the sweet, juicy fruit, you can thoroughly enjoy it in the alt alt device new edition. Compared to the other new starter kits on the list, this one champions design and flavor delivery in our opinion. Try this one out and let us know what you think!


  • Battery: 400mAh
  • Coil Resistance: FEELM Max ceramic coil
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2mL
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • Weight: 16.8g

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Airscream Airspops Vape Pod

purple box

If you previously enjoyed the flavor ride of Airscream AirsPops e-liquid or its disposable vape, then the AirsPops XL is definitely for you. This bottle-like vape starter kit holds more puff counts than the other two. Well, it’s XL for a reason indeed! Airspops XL is basically allowing you to have a longer ride of flavors with longer lasting battery as well. 

When it comes to flavor, this version of AirsPops brings out the balance of sweet and coolness. You get to enjoy up to 8000 puffs with outstanding value of money. With roughly the same price as an alt replacement pod, you will get a fantastic number of puffs. 

Our recent favorite flavor from them is the mint spearmint flavor, which reminds us of the refreshing and chilling flavor of that in a cigarette. It delivers bursts of peppermint and spearmint, yet not too much that it hurts your nose. A great one for those who enjoy minty flavors with hints of sweetness. If you were previously a fan of Airscream AirsPops refreshing mint lines of e-liquid, the AirsPops XL brings around their famous mint peppermint and mint spearmint. Along with their fruit lines of AirsPops replacement pods, you can pick whichever coolness and sweetness level that are right for your tastebuds. With their EC/M Coil series 1.0 ohm, you can enjoy purer flavors of each e-liquid pod in every puff.

What we think a bit of a downer is this cylindrical shape that is somehow not so pocket friendly. It is not heavy per se, but if you are to place it in your jeans pocket, sure does look bulky. It is still a good option though for those who just enjoy flavor, prefer sticking around with the same flavors for sometimes, and don’t bother with the shape. Mouthpiece is still reasonably comfortable and has a good grip. 


  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Coil Resistance: EC/M Coil series 1.0 ohm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 10mL
  • Charging: USB Type-C 


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VUSE Go Reload Vape Pod

a blue box and vuse go reload blueberry menthol flavor

The VUSE Go Reload is another update of the previous device, VUSE ePod 2. Comes with a new design and still unique style. This vape kit is basically the same as an alt pod device in which you can just use any line of flavors from its replacement pods. Having to say that, GO Reload also champions flavor range and nicotine level. Making it ideal for new and seasoned vapers. 

Ever since the full force of New Zealand vaping regulations, every brand is trying to adjust their best for sure. That goes to the VUSE as well, the new Go Reload version is created to assure vapers still get to enjoy vaping while staying compliant. This flagon shaped vape device is compatible with any VUSE e-liquid pods of your favorite and it is more suitable for discreet vaping as it offers quieter sound in every draw.

An obvious change apart from the child lock mechanism is basically its flavor. The heating system is using ceramic coils, yet creating a change in flavor notes of the e-liquid compared to the VUSE ePod 2. It is not a bad change though, only different in notes for some e-liquid flavors. 

Similar to Airscream AirsPops, the VUSE e-liquid pods that we love most are their mint flavors. Ahh, well, we guess we just love the refreshing and chilling feeling in every puff! Anyways, their version of mint (Especially creamy mint) is not as strong and shocking. It delivers enough freshness while maintaining an enjoyable hit of nicotine and sweetness of flavors.

Compared to AirsPops XL though, this device is easier to store, more pocket friendly. It is not as bulky to be kept in your jeans pocket, and still comfortable to hold. It reminds us a bit of Caliburn AK3 pod kit, but the VUSE Go Reload body is slightly longer. You have to be a bit more careful to put this device in a bag or purse though, because the button is on the side, sometimes it can be accidentally on or when pushed too long, the button may not work as properly. All and all, we still consider this Go Reload device as one of the best new vape starter kits in 2024 for its upgraded technology and ease of use.


  • Battery: 530mAh
  • Coil Resistance: Ceramic Heating
  • E-liquid Capacity: 1.9mL
  • Weight: 31.40gr
  • Charging: USB Type-C


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Read more on our thoughts on the first edition of the alt vape device and VUSE ePod 2 on our blog post.



Selecting a good vape starter kit can begin with exploring their features and selection of e-liquid flavors (for closed pod systems especially). Sometimes comparing one brand with the other can do too. Anyways, any vape starter kit can help you stop smoking, as long as you enjoy the flavors you choose from and are comfortable with the vape device. Alt. vape device brings out the best option for sleek vaping experience with many ranges of flavors, while Airscream AirsPops wins with puff counts up to 8000 puffs. That is huge and can last you up to two weeks. Combining style and flavor with longer lasting battery is the VUSE Go Reload for sure! Explore our collections of closed pods to compare and choose which brands can be enjoyable in your vaping journey. Get 10% OFF on your first order at VapeCloudNZ by using ENJOY10 promo code at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vape Starter Kit

What is a vape starter kit?

Vape starter kits are also known as e-cigarette starter kits. They've got everything you need to make the switch from smoking to vaping. It's like getting a beginner's vaping toolkit, all packed and ready to go. It's a complete package – a vape pen or mod, a tank or cartridge, coils, and sometimes even batteries and charging cables. 

These kits are perfect for anyone starting to vape. They're usually super easy to set up and hassle-free. Most of the starter kits in the market often cost very reasonably as well, ranging from $9 to $30. Whichever price you get, you’ll be sure to seamlessly be able to use it. Just grab your favorite e-liquid, fill up your vape starter kit, and take a draw from the mouthpiece to enjoy the vapor. Very straightforward, huh? Check out our blog post on best refillable vape pods for more details on the best vape devices for new vapers and seasoned vapers.

Types of vape starter kits

E-cigarettes: Designed to look and feel as close to a cigarette as possible, cig-a-like vape starter kits work well for those completely new to vaping. 

  • PROS: The design of an e-cigarette is small and compact, making it easy to store in a pocket.
  • CONS: The smaller battery means it won't last as long as other kits.

Vape Mod or Box mods:

Box mods are named as such because they are a box shape. These will have adjustable settings and will be refillable with e-liquid, you will also be able to change the coils. Usually this type of vape device is bought by those who enjoy modifying their vape device and prefer freebase e-liquids that create denser vapor. Read more about MTL and DTL vaping in our blog post.

  • PROS: They are more cost-effective in the long run as you can maintain most aspects. The large battery life also keeps you vaping for longer. 
  • CONS: They require more maintenance than other starter vape kit.
    Starter Vape Pens: A vape pen looks like a pen, it is cylindrical with a vape battery and vape tank on the top. They are similar to box mods, as you can usually change the coil and refill it with e-liquid, but a noticeable difference is most don’t have settings to adjust.
    • PROS: More advanced than a cig-a-like, but is still light and compact. 
    • CONS: Smaller battery life than a box mod and less settings to choose from.

      Starter Vape Pods: Vape pods continue to increase in popularity and with good reason. For new vapers, these are an ideal way to quit smoking. They use high resistance coils designed for MTL vaping, which is the ideal method for new vapers. 
      • PROS: Both the coils and pod are usually push-fit, which makes it easy to use and maintain. 
      • CONS: Most pod kits are designed for MTL vaping and don’t cater to DL vapers.

        How to clean a vape starter kit?

        Cleaning your vape starter kit is a piece of cake too. Just disassemble the tank or cartridge, give the components a rinse with warm water, and let them dry thoroughly before putting everything back together. Just be careful not to get the battery or mod wet.

        Can I bring my vape starter kit while traveling by plane?

        Make sure to check the vaping laws at your destination to avoid any surprises. This way, you can keep enjoying your vaping experience hassle-free, wherever you go.

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